Bush trip map

Hi everyone

I am trying to complete the Tasmanian bush trip and on starting the second leg I find the map isn’t showing the route.

Is there any way of displaying the route on the garmin glass panel, would be much easier.


Hi. I think the idea is that the Bush trips are for you to navigate VFR with just the text description.

As a ‘hack’ if you have LittleNavMap use that to load the Bush Trip PLN file and use that to navigate. Using heading hold if you wish to use autopilot

Cheers, thanks for that👍

Bush trips have been broken since SU5 (July 2021). The disappearing flight plan on the VFR map is just one of the many bugs. Do a quick search and you’ll find many threads about the problems that still exist.

Thanks, it is really annoying.
Why isn’t this fixed, I don’t know why they don’t load the flight plan into the Garmin
Give people choices.
If some want to navigate the hard way, fine.
I just want to fly the route and enjoy the scenery.

I’ve just followed a workaround
When you finish a leg, land and when you stop, wait until it checks your leg.
When it does, click continue and then it will return to where you stopped.
You will notice that it has loaded the next Navlog and the route is displayed on the map.
You can now either carry on with the next leg or go to the main menu.
It will now save it for next time.

The workaround you mention does keep the flight plan and POIs in tact within the VFR map. The flight plan will also load into the plane’s navigation if you like to fly on AP and enjoy the scenery. Pressing the continue button, however, exposes another bug with bush trips. If you look at your flight log, you’ll notice that the takeoff, landing, and flight time for the previous bush trip leg(s) will be missing. So you have a choice: missing flight plan on the next leg, or missing flight log from the last.

None of these bugs existed before SU5. :frowning:

I’m really surprised they haven’t done anything to correct this, especially that now we are on SU8.

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