Bush Trip Patagonia: engine quits due to oil loss

get frequent engine cut-offs due to sudden oil loss. Crashed in the Magelan Strait. Thought first I’m being punished for cutting corners but no: just landed with full oil , got a “Leg completed” and bingo: at start no oil, engine dead. Restarting the trip from Main (thankfuly still being on SCID…): oil full, engine running.
Also how to refuel, Sh-F doesn’t work in those boonies?


You can bind »Repair & Refuel« to a keyboard shortcut (OptionsControls) and use that.
But unless you believe in fairies and pixies, this will destroy any immersion left :sunglasses:

Thx Erwin,

you made my day, arrived safely and with beaucoup gas left in Puerto Natales. Immersion, well, I consider it a bug so lets be relaxed.
Love the trip so far , did it (reverse) on a dirt bike many years ago. Even the weather theme fits my memory. Only Asobo steers us clear of the real Patagonian mountains on which they have goofed completely…