Bush trip - refuel only at pumps

Love the bush trips but the automatic re-fueling is off putting, makes them into some GTAV type mission.

Used to have to switch tanks, find fuel pumps etc… but now that’s out the window.

Has gone from no way to refuel to refuel automatically, which was just a really lazy and dumb way to address the issue.

We wanted to be able to re-fuel ourselves Asobo….

Should still remember where you ‘finished’ the last leg on an airfield as before, the need to taxi to pumps (if there are any present) and stop near to trigger the Fuel/load menu.

They’ve done it because most non-international airports are very incomplete, most are missing fuelling and parking, and a lot are just runways and nothing else!

Until they release Scenery Gateway System, so airports/airfields can be corrected easily, it’ll probably stay this way.

And that was part of there original fun and challenge. For me.


Don’t get me wrong, I agree with you 100%!

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SU11…Still no way for us punters to turn it off.

SUXI (40th Anniversary Update) release notes:

It should now default to being off? If not, you should submit a bug report.

I did.

Nobody seems to care but me and one other guy.

Ah well….

Anyone know how to turn the bloody thing off?

It doesn’t, and we have.

@Speed1994, @KillerBluesman, @VoraciousJet

AutoRefuelOnLegStart is active in SU11, and it has been confirmed by Asobo that it is a bug in the release notes and is intended to be active.
But the good thing is, since SU11, each author of a bush trips can decide if it is active or not. I know from several authors that they will disable this for Marketplace and fligthsim.to updates in the next weeks.

And the next good thing is, the fuel state remains when you leave the mission/sim. Let’s be curious how things will develop in the future.


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Ok in that case, needs to be a option in settings so that the stock/WU Bushtrips to set so that do not auto refuel.

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Do you have any way to set it for stock bushtrips ?

No has to be set by the designer in a config file somewhere.

This is exactly what we are asking to be implemented. Through a setting, like auto rudder. As effectively stuck trips are infinite fuel now.

Have no issue with others likening the current setup, which is why proposed that be added as a assistants option, as at some stops it can make it harder to get in/out of some strips with full fuel.