Bush trip will not saved from leg two on

The game simply just doesn’t register your progress now. Before the last update, you could at least try to find the landmarks using real maps and your eyeballs, but now you can’t even advance to the next leg until it gets repaired by the developers.


Right, because that is what I said.

How about repeat some of things I have said, like…

I would never suggest that someone’s pet bug is unimportant. What I will try to do is keep reminding them that they are not forgotten and that eventually their bug will get handled. Like adding a missing airport that prevented the completion of a trip.

Let’s move past this and focus on getting users to log the bush trip bugs on Zendesk and participate in the #bugs-and-issues where they can vote-up the issues in a meaningful way.

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Vote in this topic here and open a specific ticket:
SU5/SU6 and Bush Trips - Bugs & Issues / Online Services & Activities - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums


Thanks for the link to the bug ticket.
I voted and will try something today, I will also raise a Zendesk ticket.


Sheesh. What the heck.

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Why are you in this thread - there are plenty others to keep you occupied.

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Simple. I would like to see all the features in the sim bug free. The best way to achieve that is to elevate the threads in #bugs-and-issues by participating in those, voting on them and encouraging all users experiencing bugs to submit a ZENDESK ticket. Multiple threads in General Discussion, all dealing with similar issues does not help new users or users encountering “new to them” bugs, find solutions or assistance.

I doubt that questioning users motives for directing users to their best course of action to solve their problem is really very productive either.

I have never flown a bush trip because users have made it clear that there are issues that have resulted in their frustration. I mentioned that, to indicate that, until the bush trip activities are fixed, there is an alternative. Create your own. There is nothing to stop users from exploring the back country on their own while WE work toward solving the bugs.

I’m just glad you keep bumping this thread up… :upside_down_face:

I just started the sim and tried the bush flights after doing the training. A bush flight save file is created in %appdata% after I land on the first leg but the progress shows 0% and I can’t start the second leg next time.

Hmm interesting. May be worth adding that detail to your ticket.

Please vote this topic up and create also a Zendesk ticket, to put pressure on this


same to me, after 2 legs no more saves… hope that will be fixed with next update

Incredible how they can’t get the bush flights to work right. Another year maybe? Asobo??

What are you expecting of this post?
We all are upset because of the non working BushTrips - but you won’t change it with this post.

Vote for the Topic mentioned above is the best way to raise your voice.

Well, I wasn’t sure if there’s an add-in that’ll fit it (like the planes.) I’m going to lean to the side that you don’t know of any.

Please keep the focus on MSFS and the subject rather than users. Keep all posts civil. Thank you.

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A simple solution as it apparently won’t record properly is to allow the user to select any leg of the bush trip to fly. It doesn’t bother me that it’s not recorded, but it’s annoying to have to keep flying the same thing over and over because of careless programming.

Please have a look here:

With the last update, the bush trips are fixed, but you can NOT finish the complete trip. All legs are saved as expected, but the last one do say “Congratulations…”, but it will not show up as completed !
I truly hope they will fix that quicker then the last one.

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