Bush Trips annoying live weather bug

I have Xbox series X and I was flying the Austrian bush trip with c208 in a group with my pc friend.

We had the same weather until I exit to main menu and from this point on all my bush trips are loading with live weather no matter what I do….

Which is very annoying cause I had to fly this trip with 100% snow and 47 knots head wind and he flow with 29.92 .

How can I fix it and have the normal weather setup of the bush trips?

Haven’t experienced this but try:
Leave the group and go back to multi or live. It maybe retaining your group settings.

Unfortunately it did not work, also tried to do it when I’m not in the group…and still it is live weather in the bush trip and not the weather that was planed by default to the bush trip

restart msfs ?

this may help BT and Weather

For some reason, it’s not releasing the live weather, do a zendesk, add a link to your post.

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I did find a solution that is solving both the weather and the “disappearing line on the VFR map.

When you finish every leg in bush flights DO NOT exit to main menu….
Instead click continue and then wait until the new map and weather will load and only then you can exit to main menu.

Took me a while but this is solving all the issues with bush flights.

I hope it will help

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