Bush Trips Failing to recognise Trip is completed

I have completed the Nevada Bush Trip. But when the last leg is flown the program on registers it as Leg completed instead of Bush Trip completed. I have re flown the last leg several times with the same result.
Anyone any idea please. All since the last update. Thanks

Did you get a leg completed message after each leg? If you miss just one then I don’t think it can be completed.

Had the same a couple days ago. Reflew final leg three times, then gave up. But the next day it was showing as completed.

Probably a delay in updating online server.

I have a similar issue wit FS Academy VFR bush trips. When finishing the last leg, I doesn’t register the bush trip as complete. One of many SU5 regressions.

Same here. After finishing last leg of “Discover Finland”, the leg ended and returned to menu but was not marked complete. Days later it remains uncompleted. I’ve started another bush trip as the time acceleration currently does not work and I don’t have time for repeats.

So the two base game flights that I’ve completed thus far (Aleutian islands and Finland) both show as 100%. The ones I’ve purchased from the marketplace (VFR training) or whatever it is, they still show as zero complete even though I’ve completed quite a few of them.

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