[Bush Trips] FS Academy - Voyager

Very nice of you to explain the issues here.
It gives folks a much higher level of confidence with their purchase!!

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Hi guys

I’m pleased to announce that FS Academy - VFR version 1.3 is being uploaded to the stores.
Much like the recent overhaul to IFR, this is a major update and adds several new features to improve the experience:

-Onscreen Objectives
-Game Markers
-Map for VFR04 (see manual)
-Trigger additions, enhancements and refinements
-Instructor now notices excessive bank/pitch etc
-Menu UI improvements

This brings VFR up to date with all the latest features.
It is being uploaded currently, but all stores take a different amount of time to post to their stores. Marketplace can take several weeks, but this is now in Microsofts hands.

I think you’re going to enjoy the improvements,

Hi… another update and again no change… still unusable… :woozy_face:


Yes, it seems that remains on Asobos to do list.
You can see other cases of other trips malfunctioning elsewhere in these forums.

Hi everyone, a new version of the Voyager manual is now available from the website. The first set of legs for the Alps trip were obscured, and are now visible again.

Download the updated manual here:

You do realize this was a world Update (WU) these are scenery addition updates.
SU - Sim Updates, these fix issues with the sim.

Hi everyone,

I understand that there is an issue with the Voyager trip across New York.
When landing at Canandaigua, the leg does not list as complete.

This is due to MSFS previously using an incorrect ICAO code of D38 for the airport, which I presume has now been corrected to KIUA. Voyager had to use D38 in order for it to originally work, but this leg will be fixed in the next update.

Support page will be updated to add this as a known issue.

Also, how is everybody getting on with the saving of trip legs? I have had a handful of reports but this has gone quiet, so if possible please let me know if it is working for you or not, so I can see what is going on, including if you are running the SU8 preview.


Hi… another update (SU8) and again no change… still unusable… :woozy_face:

I’ve just finished The Alps. What’s the problem? Just press “Fly” to start the first leg. After the leg ended (be sure to exit each leg with “Quit to Main”) the next legs appeared on the right side.

Have fun. :small_airplane:

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Hi there,

Thanks for this, it does seem that this is an odd issue as only some are affected.

Any other feedback is appreciated.

Yes this particular problem persists.

  1. When I start 1 LEG with FLY button and wait until the VFR window starts… 2) and then go back - Quit to Main - 3) and then start BUSH TRIP again… wow!!! the Legs list is already displayed.!!
    finally!! after 2 months I can fly another legs!!!


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That’s good to hear, thanks for letting us know.

Hi everyone,

I’ve made a breakthrough with fixing Voyager.
Currently many users do not have a list of legs in the briefing screen and completed legs do not correctly save. I may have found the solution, which will be published in an update very soon once it is tested out. Thanks for your patience


Hi all,

I seem to have cracked it.
Version 1.6 of Voyager is being uploaded to stores now.
Marketplace usually takes a while, but all stores have been supplied with the new version.

-Fixed Canandaigua landing trigger
-Leg selection screen and saving fixes
-Improved UI and imagery
-Multiplayer enabled
-Charts added to manual
-Toolbar adjustments

Thanks for your patience with this issue, it was an annoyance for a long time, but I’m pleased to see Voyager back in all its glory, especially with todays great World Update scenery in MSFS.


had the same issue. but it was my fault because i didnt restarted the sim after purchasing.

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