Bush Trips have gotten harder with SU5/WT G1000nxi!

With SU5, I noticed that the Bush Trips to do not show POI on the GPS screens or in the Flight Plan any longer. I have to admit that I enjoyed turning on NAV mode and letting the AP fly the leg(s) while I enjoyed the views. Once I figured out that I had to navigate, Bush Trips are much more challenging which is not a bad thing!

Has anybody else noticed this? Now, I am using the Working Title G1000nxi mod from the Marketplace. So, that may have something to do with it.

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Hm but on the other hand it is beautyful to look down - and know exactly “ah this is this and that is that, ah that Lake is called Loch Leven and this is an exotic stone formation with this or that name.”
The points of interest feature is lovely and I enjoy to always have it on. (even if it´s not “Screenshot-friendly” but I am not going to change all settings for one screenshot but just hit the screenshot button when I see awesome camera angles and great clouds or illumination and raytracing effects and stuff.)

Is it good or bad that bush trips don´t have any POIs anymore… hmmm… I personally would like to know interesting stuff and details about the things I see while flying through exotic sceneries and nature.
It´s like having David Attenborough on the copilot seat explaining and telling about nature and stuff in form of text with an arrow pointing on it.

Its definately a BUG. t`s working on Leg1 and if you continue in 1 session. As soon you restart MSFS and want to continue the flight plan and POIs are gone !

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I think the G1000nxi mod has something to do with this. With the mod installed, I was just getting a direct path from the starting to ending airport for each leg. With the mod removed, I get all the POIs in between. (I’m currently doing the Norway trip.)

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You might want to check out https://bushtalkradio.com/ if you haven’t already.


You are not alone in this. I for one is using the actual G1000 mod from WT and after I saved the Bush Trip Leg 3 for France, the next time, I got back to it, my POIs were also gone. Initially I thought if I miessed up the saved files so I restarted the leg from the beginning but same thing. Also, I don’t know if its wit others too, but the airport pictures at the end of the Nav log list in each is also missing with the missing POIs.

It also happens without mod… The stock GPS has the same issue. I fliled a ticket. Pleas do also. But its a general bushtrip problem, not only for nxi !!

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This isn’t a bug at all, but a feature of the bush trip. It’s to make it more challenging. If you open the flight plan with a notepad, there’s something like a bushtrip difficulty preset that disables GPS.

I think the issue is in the G1000. I started a new Bush Trip in Denmark. All the POI were there in the sim. Flew the first leg. Then, today there was a G1000 (Working Title) update, which I applied, and then in the next leg of the Bush Trip there are no POI in the G1000 anymore.

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Related to this maybe?


No, it is not a feature. It’s a bug. Do you have some source, such as patch notes or comments from a Dev that states otherwise? Bush Trips worked this way for nearly a year, then the POIs just went away after SU5.

Using the G1000Nxi is optional especially as it is still in Beta test phase.

As for Bushtrips here some answer from the devs themselves (last paragraph).