Bush Trips - How many?

Quick question…
How many Bush Trips should there be?
It seems that every World Update introduces new Bush Trips, but I don’t think I’m seeing them all.
In total I have Qty 14 - can’t see any Australian Trips from the latest update.

Did you install the world update via the content manager?

i have 19 in a list i made 2-08-22
so i have to agree with Pieter make sure all the world updates are fully updated first in the Marketplace then Content Manager

Alaska -Unalaska To Kulik Lake 741nm XCub
Densmark -Copenhagen To Aalborg 396nm C172 G1000
Finland -Lappeenranta To Rovaniemi 425nm XCub
Iceland -Vestmannaeyjar ToReykjavik 728nm Cessna 208B
Norway -Oslo To Sorkjosen 1,205nm Bonanza G36
Sweden -Stockholm To Malmo 420nm DA40-NG
Balkins -Rijeka To Santorini 950nm C172 G1000
Patagonia -Los Cerros To Cochrane 875nm XCub
Pyrenees -Bordeaux To Mont Blank 895nm DA40-NG
Austria -Vienna To Hohenems 392nm Cessna 208B
Germany -Helgoland To Jolling 863nm Bonanza G36
Grande Alpine -La Cote to Worschach 568nm XCub
N Queensland -Cairns to Hamilton 405nm XCub Floats
NW Kimberly -Derby to Kununurra 277nm JMB VL-3
Sea to Desert -Whyalla to Coober Pedy 386nm DA62
Australia SE -Canberra to Melbourne 323nm C172 G1000
Sweden -Geneva To St Gallen 213nm C172 G1000
Tasmania -GeargeTown to Launceston 615nm Cessna 208B
Nevada -Breckenridge To Mariposa 856nm Savage Cub

Thank you for the clarification.
Your inputs are much appreciated.
I have the MS Store Premium Deluxe version on disc and always update first in the MS Store and then in Content Manager.
I even did a complete uninstall the other day, loading everything again from discs first and then MS Store and Content Manager.
Still I only have 14 Bush Trips.
Don’t understand why

Looks like I must only be missing the Australian ones

Marketplace you say?
(Just read through your responses again!)
Could be my problem so I’ll have a look now.
Many thanks

Are we still supposed to be seeing the Route Instructions in the Bush Trips because they’ve disappeared from mine - I only get the VFR Map

I was missing a few Bushtrips at a time. Problem seemed to be related to mods for the airplane used in each of them. Removed the mods and they all came back.

in the
Marketplace check for World Updates, sometimes after an update they get uninstalled or need updating even though you had then installed before, since the new bushtrips are a part of these world updates they wont show up unless All the world updates are up to date in both the Marketplace And the Content Manager (always do the Marketplace first)

Got them!!
Thank you so much for the advice and solution

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There are a few unfortunate bug issues with bush trips, I love the concept but eventually gave up out of frustration.
However, this lead me to try Neofly and I have been a very happy and satisfied simmer since.

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