Bush Trips won't start

Hi, I got automatically updated to SU 11 beta last week which caused a lot of instability and CTD’s. So I reinstalled SUD 10 which solved the CTD’s. I lost all my progress in bush trips, which doesn’t bother me too much. But now none of my bush trips will start (either in-game or add-on’s). No CTD’s, just a partial load and then stops. Any help with this issue is greatly appreciated. Bush trips are my favorite part of MSFS! Thanks!


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How did you leave the Beta? Leaving the Beta incorrectly can result in this.

I have not done a bush trip since the 10th, nor been online, I can no longer start my last saved bush trip or start a new one. I have also not participated in the beta.

Hi yes. I am on Steam. And and went to “betas” and reset it to “none” after it had been set to “flight_sim_beta sim Update 11”. It did a complete reinstall of the entire MSFS simulator over about 3 hours. That solved the CTD problem. But now I can’t start any bush trips - either in game or from the community folder. I don’t really care about my previously saved progress on the trips I had started. But I would like to start new trips which I can’t now do. Thanks again!

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Not a total solution, but if you just want to fly the bush trip routes with the navlog descriptions, I’ve been extracting both navlog’s and flight plans for quite a while now. The navlogs are here Nav log extracts for the official bush trips » Microsoft Flight Simulator and the flight plans are here Official bush trips - fly them your way » Microsoft Flight Simulator

For me, the SU10 bush trip engine seems much better than its predecessors, and at last meets the criteria for what I’d say is a reasonably robust release version. Obviously not robust for all yet, though.

Hi. I still can’t get bush trips to start either in-game or mods. See above. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks

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