Bushtrips SU6: Not a single leg will save


For anyone also wanting this fixed please vote on this thread. Right now the bushtrip saving issue is getting zero attention.


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PC and Xbox both.

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MS Store and Xbox

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Edit: Confirmed this is for all bushtrips.

Nevada bush trip legs do not save at all. Each leg gives the leg completed pop up, but whenever returning to the menu, it isn’t saved and is reset to the beginning.

As a test, I spent ten hours doing the entire bushtrip. Every leg registered and popped up as completed. The bush trip said completed at the end. No achievement popped but that wasn’t my main concern - upon returning to the menu, however, it reset to 0% complete and no legs completed, forcing me to start over. I continue to test it and never will any leg actually save, even after the leg complete dialogue pop up. I had previously submitted this via Report a Problem as well when that was applicable.

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Complete any leg of the Nevada bushtrip, get the completed pop up, (or do the entire thing in one shot), return to menu, nothing is saved.

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Both on Xbox Series X and PC Ryzen 9 5950X/64GB DDR4-3200/RTX 3090.

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