Butter smooth settings recommendation for Oculus Rift (SU5)

Default ASW Mode in Oculus Tray Tool:

Before SU5 I had to put this setting to “off” to get a smooth experience, now on SU5 I get extreme stutter when looking to the sides with “off” and also with “45hz” or “Automatic” and also If I dont use the Oculus Tray Tool at all. But the 30hz settings makes the game unbelievable smooth.

So If you still get stutter, I recommend to download the Oculus Tray Tool and put the ASW Mode to 30hz. That “setting” had the biggest influence on my VR experience so far.

Im using the premade setup “High” for VR and manually put only the glasscockpit refresh rate setting to high + cockpit effects settings to ultra (I tested it, that setting doesnt cost me any FPS at all, but having better rain drops and light effects on the cockpit looks amazing)

Windows Game mode + HAGS both on “on” and the latest nvidia drivers.

I5 8600K
1070 TI
16GB Ram

With theese settings I can fly the FBW A320N under 1000feet over New York and its unbelievable smooth, no stutter at all.


I just tried this and it’s as you said. Thank you!

This also works very well for me. CV1.

Note that this isn’t a “magic bullet”. Different settings will work for different people, depending on what performance they’re actually getting to begin with.

The Rift will go into ASW 45 mode (40 for the S) automatically on it’s own when performance drops below 90fps. If your FPS is 45-90 then that will be enough to provide a smooth experience. Below 45 and you’ll see stutter. If you’re getting 30-45fps, setting it to 30 will smooth things out but it will stutter if your fps goes below 30. And… you’ve guessed it… setting it to 18 will keep your sim smooth as long as you’re getting at least 18fps.

Also note that the trade-off is that the lower you put this setting, the more graphical artefacts (smearing, ghosting) you are likely to see. For example, setting it to 18 and then trying aerobatics is not a particularly nice experience.

In other words, play with the setting and see which one works best for you. You can literally change it on the fly, so if you get 30+ fps in the wilderness and 20fps in cities, you can just tweak the setting to match your location.

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