Buttkicker Gamer 2

Hey folks,
Looking to add some haptic feedback during my flights in MSFS. Thinking about the Buttkicker Gamer 2 and how effective it can be in a flight sim? Website says it is audio driven so wondering how that will work with MSFS? Be much more immersive to be able to ‘feel’ a rough landing and skeptical if this device can accomplish that. Any advice/comments welcome.
Thanks !

Very very good, i recommend. Wonderful immersionmaker.

I have their simulation kit - while I can’t speak to how the Gamer 2 performs, the sim kit is an awesome addition to every game. I used to have it on my regular office chair before I built my simrig

There’s nothing like the feeling of pushing those throttles forward on a jet and feeling the engines and runway bumps.

My only critique is that sometimes I will turn the unit down during flight because sometimes the constant vibrations get tiring (I bet you could use an EQ to get the frequencies dialed in better but I’m not worried about it).

If you have (or plan to ) a VR headset - it is an amazing piece of the puzzle. I really only use VR for sim racing but combining that with the buttkicker , it’s almost hard not to smile.

If not on your chair no more, where have you mounted the simulation kit? Seems like your happy with it. Inclined to think the Gamer 2 should be just as good.

Well it used to be simply drilled into the bottom of my office chair prior to getting my sim rig , obutto brand.

The seat mount on the obutto is made of squared steel, so I just drilled and installed the buttkicker directly into the frame and used loctite on the hardware just in case it might back out from the vibration. But two years later still holding strong!

I have 3 hooked up to my sim using the OPUS fsi software for MSFS(beta) and having great results. You really need 3 for the full effect to archive a good balance of sounds and events like flaps,gear, spoilers ,turbulence,engine ,takeoff roll, and landing. I highly recommend it. 1 is okay just using the sim sounds but with 2 more you can really mix it up where you want the effects. You will also need 2 usb sound cards if you want to use the software to its fullest. http://www.opussoftware.co.uk/opusfsi.htm

A subwoofer seat certainly adds to the realism. I use one of these for bass guitar and drumming, and it works great in MSFS, too. It can literally shake your fillings loose!

The Opus software looks interesting! Which version are you using for MSFS2020?

OpusMSFS Beta Version 1.00.7 You need to buy it for P3D for it to work in MSFS as this is a beta. You can go to there website and download the PDF guides to see what it is all about and as it is developed more for MSFS you will have dynamic head movements too. You can also go to there forums and follow the development of the ButtKicker part of this software.

One addition, I have been using simshaker for aviators. It supports both xplane and MSFS and has been working great. For MSFS it uses Simconnect to get sim data and translate that to signals to the buttkicker. Have not used opus fsi but will definitely look into it.


I own a Buttkicker2 under my seat, and also a SimCommander license (SimXPerience) used for all my racing sim. They support X-Plane10 so I thought they will support MSFS but for now that’s not the case :frowning:

Got OpusMSFS working. It’s not great, but better than having the normal audio pumping through the seat. It seems like you need a separate profile for each aircraft to make the most of it.

I wish it had profiles. I use a mixture of the audio and events. I have one buttkicker mounted under the desk using the sim sounds as I like the dynamics engine sounds instead of the can sound that the software makes.This make each plane feel unique on the yoke and throttle. I use a second one under the desk for all the bumps and events. I use the third one under my chair and use all the canned effects on that one. This way I have allot of control of the different volumes of the sounds and effects to find a good balance.

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Appreciate all the feedback on the Buttkicker. Can someone confirm if additional software is mandatory to run this thing ? If I choose to just use the MSFS sounds to run it can I just plug it in to my sound card and be good to go ?

You can just plug it into your sound card. That’s what I was doing. But all sound will be going go the subwoofer, so it’s not a very realistic experience. I’m playing around with the OpusMSFS beta. It takes a while to configure, but it’s a lot more realistic, and configurable.

ok thanks for your input…if you can share your progress on configuration that would be great :+1:t2:

I have one of the original Buttkickers hooked up to my Herman MIller chair. Raising and lowering the landing gear is a trip! Love it.

Are you using 3rd party software to achieve the gear up/down feeling?

This is the one I use. It doesn’t have any software with it.

Did you take a look at simshaker for aviators? It uses simconnect to actually read data from the sim and apply to the buttkicker output. You can also control the intensity of different aircraft events like landing gear, flaps etc…I will send screenshots later today.

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