Button assignments for transponder modes? [SOLVED]

I can’t find a button/key assigment allowing changing transponder modes, for example in steam gauges based C172 (off, test, stby, alt). Enabling alt mode when in the air is quite important, the lack of the key is disrupting my real world procedure (I fly using a physical panel, mouseless). I can’t even find such assignments in FSUIPC.

If youre using SPAD.neXt there is a data field, MSFS:TRANSPONDER STATE:1, that you can use for this. Set it to 1 for STBY, 3 for ON and 4 for ALT.

I’m using FSUIPC only. If it’s possible with SPAD, should be also possible with FSUIPC…

I’m sure it will be possible with fsuipc, after all it is still in beta for fs2020. But I’m not so sure it can be done in present version. Please, post it here if you find a way.

Off course it is possible to control some (not all) the cockpit functions in MSFS).
I have created a panel that includes lights, anti-ice, autopilot, various displays for flight parameters, radio com, nav and transponder.
The transponder code is set with 4 buttons (thousands, hundreds, tens, units) and an encoder that selects the off, stby, on, alt modes.
I confirm that the corresponding events all exist and are managed through Mobyflight and FSUIPC7 to MSFS.

So what event are you using for the transponder states? I’m also interested in what event you use for deicing (are we talking about the windscreen here?) .

It’s possible to assign transponder modes via FSUIPC:

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Hi @LikelyMatt tomorrow morning I will inform You about used transponder events used by me. Now here in Italy is late evening and I’m not at the sim.
Unfortunatelly at the moment the windshield deice event is not avaiable…but is the only: pitot, wings, engines are avaiable.
I will inform You.

@LikelyMatt in any case if You install and run FSUIPC7 together with MSFS you can use the “Show consolle” and “Log events” to show the events and parameters related with a specific plane button by pressing it and looking the event in consolle. Very simply also for looking witch events (or offsets) are actually exposed by MSFS and later assign to the external cockpit devices.
At the moment some functions are not exposed (like windshield deice switch or light dimmers).
For that I hope Asobo will be cooperate with FSUIPC7 creators in order to buil a complete home cockpit.

If You install FSUIPC7 it create a shortcut on desktop that automatically runs MSFS and FSUIPC7 that you’ll find minimized in icon tray.

Thanks. Spadnext has a similar event logger. I do have fsuipc free version installed, do I need the paid version for this functionality?

If starting the sim using this shortcut my trackir doesn’t work, so I usually start fsuipc first and then the sim.

Ok…is not mandatory to use the shortcut…you can also run MSFS then FSUIPC7 and so on…

perfect solution, thank you! worked like a charm.

Can anybody please post the solution. I couldn’t figure it out

Thanks, I read it already. Does it works with the free Version of fsuipc7?
I want to put it on a Streamdeck key.

Cheers Jörg

the solution about ProbableMatt work very well with c152 in MSFS 2020
thank you ProbableMatt