Buttons 41 to 44 no longer detected in my VelocityOne Flight Turtle Beach

My buttons 41 to 44 are no longer detected in my VelocityOne Flight Turtle Beach.
I use it for reverse throttle on Xbox.
Can someone please help ?

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for me it helped to unplug the v1f from the port. turn off the xbox. then plug the v1f back into the port. if the box does not restart automatically then turn it on.

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This is something that you may have to ask Turtle beach

This for me started happening about a month ago sporadically. Sometimes you’re lucky and you can disconnect it and reconnect it(just do it at the yoke) and it fixes it without restarting. But often it requires a full quit and restart, sometimes a full xbox reboot. I do find if you leave it unplugged until FS starts loading it finds it fine though. It’s become a nuisance where I will actually confirm it’s working in the controls setup(search by input) before I dare load anything up with a turboprop. It never happened until a few weeks ago, well past the initial SU8 update.

I don’t blame it on the yoke, 100% something they did with the sim.

This loss of buttons is a total pain, its fails more than it works and as i use quick-resume a lot, its not possible to get them back.

I thought i’d try and map reverse thrust settings to my spare right yoke button today so at least i can use RT when needed. I set it using the second boxes in controls options, leaving the button 41 settings there incase the detents ever returned, However, as soon as i chose “on release” and saved it, it changed my desired “button 6” to “button 41” for no reason.

No matter what I try, this otherwise excellent yoke really p*$$es me off at times.

I find that if I disconnect the usb at the yoke prior to starting the game and plugging it in at any point in the loading of the game I have 100% success. Which also keeps it from starting XBOX back up if you even breathe on it getting out of your chair.

I believe the two times you ‘loose’ functionality is if you CTD(which you unplug the yoke and re-start) OR if you leave the throttle/condition/prop lever(s) in the detent position when leaving the game(or ctd). I always go right to the options menu and test the detent in input search if I have any intention of using them in a session. I find even quick resumes usually don’t cause an issue, provided you leave the levers out of the detent(s).

As I said before, this was never a problem when first implemented in SU8, it started doing it about halfway through SU8’s lifespan.

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I’ll check this, thanks :slight_smile:

Is that starting from scratch or quick-resume - i just tried it with QR and the buttons do not return. I hardly ever use scratch start - it takes too long and i seem to get more ctd’s :frowning:

Usually if they worked when you go back out to the menu, they work when you come back in. Just don’t leave them down in the detent positions when you exit back to home or shut down. But I’m not 100% that always works either. I try to avoid quick resume with this game. Seems like there’s a memory leak that builds up and starting a new flight on the same ‘boot’ doesn’t reset what is usually apt to eventually come along and crush your flight.

The unplug before-replug when loading thing works if you’re coming in fresh through the start screen.

Who knows why this started/is happening, this game is just such a big hot mess right now.

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Just got this back from TB Tech…

Hello David,

The detent buttons are an issue we are looking into, so I apologise I do not have a better answer for you. For now, that will sadly be what you have to do to get them working.


To get them working, Roy was referring to doing a full quit of FS2020 and reboot - it seems the buttons do not work well with quick resume yet. TB tech is pretty good at response.

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I can tell you this never happened until something was added/updated halfway through the SU8 life cycle. Worked great for a month, then something changed in the game and messed it up.

But for normal play- full quit MSFS each time, unplug the yoke. Plug in from any point during the load from the TBM screen on and no issues(leave the throttles out of the detents). I tend to setup everything with the controller so I can kick back and relax getting started, and the screen is too darn big to chase the mouse around menus. If you CTD in the game it’s always best to full reboot the xbox(unplug the yoke again). It only takes a few seconds at least to reboot. Racing rigs can be fickle too, you get used to doing routines for whatever little quirks they have, it doesn’t take any time away from the game.

Mine did stay for three QR restarts last week - i was most happy, until it stopped working again :frowning:

The only way really is to do the full start and unplug routine.

I hate doing full starts as it takes mine about 5 minutes to load fully and you cant leave it and grab a coffee because of that nuisance “press any key” message.

I’m fingers crossed that SU10 will fix this.

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That or TB may update firmware if they can figure out what MS did to the game RIGHT after they finally implemented the detents. I wouldn’t have been so keen that it did change at some point if not for the Kodiak appearing right around the same time the detents were available. Went from everything’s great to what the? suddenly. MS just can’t leave well enough alone.

For the re-starts, I just look at/dust off my diecast cars or Lego while it reloads and as soon as the ‘push any button’ music comes up(if it even does-only shows half the time) I just walk past and tap the yoke).

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