Buy AMD for PC Because of Xbox?

I’ve read where some believe that it’s better to go with AMD hardware on PCs because of the rollout of MSFS on that platform. As one who is debating between an Intel/nVidia build or an AMD one, I wonder if there is any value or truth to that belief?

I’m on the fence right now. Both options seem about equal at this point. I’m waiting to see what the 11900k does before I make my final decision.

A lot of people, including myself, have AMD processors and Nvidia graphics cards. Nvidia do seem to have the monopoly on graphics hardware. Intel are currently behind the curve with their CPU’s and depending on who you listen to its a situation that may or may not change any time soon.

Your problem at the moment is getting hardware. I count myself very lucky getting my hands on an RTX 3080 late last year. The new RTX cards are not easily come by.

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