Buy PMDG 737-800 AGAIN

Hello, I have a question, I bought the PMDG 73-800 for the Xbox and since it was very buggy I asked for a refund and it was approved, but in the end it started to work very well and I contacted support to cancel the refund, but they told me that The process was already done and they were going to return my money anyway. Looking at the marketplace, the plane is still there and if I want to buy it, it tells me “owned” and does not give me the option to buy it again. What should I do? reinstall it? Are they going to remove it at some point? Will it disappear in any update? Before that happens I want to pay for it, besides that it is a plane that is worth every penny. How can I buy it back? Thank you very much for the help.

Once you get the refund the plane should be either removed or remain there but you loose access to the updates.
I would recommend waiting until the money is back in your account and then buy it again, since once you receive the money back the plane should no longer appear as “owned” afaik.

Should I uninstall it to speed up the process and buy it again?

Very interesting question! What I can say for sure: I have requested refunds for several items. The money for every single item was refunded to me. Every single article (although refunded) still remains in the Content Manager (ready to install). I can’t buy the item(s) again (even if I wanted to) because they appear as ‘owned’ in the store! So, I can just download the product(s) again. But from a legal point of view, continuing to use refunded products may lead to acount-suspension. This (important) matter should therefore be discussed with MS and/or Asobo in a legally binding manner.

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Exactly, there are many people who continue to have the products and if I’m not mistaken they continue to update anyway and almost never disappear, for a reason Microsoft only allows 1 refund per year because if they had control over who used or not the product with refund requested, then they would allow more number of times of refunds and if I honestly don’t know what to do since the support told me that I would continue to have the product but I don’t know to what extent it will be restricted (or directly will not have any type of restrictions) and fly With that insecurity being that I want to repurchase the product and it is impossible for me to buy it, it is a point that they should see

Without wanting to inflame the situation and while i agree with you, asking for a refund so quickly after it was released may have been rash ( how long was it? was only released 3 days ago)then you say it started working ok so after asking for a refund you did continue to use it.
not accusing anyone of anything just in hindsight asking for a refund on such a complicated product so quickly seems a little ill thought out

I directly had CTD at the departure airport, during the flight, during the approach, I tested it for more or less 4 hours and I saw that it was very unstable, I asked for a refund and I kept testing it lost by lost changing airports and it works in the airports that I really would like to use it, I am restricted to using it in small airports since the S series is unstable but despite this problem I liked the plane so much that I was satisfied with what was available and asked to cancel the refund after more or less 1 day whole

Hi @FiendishLime281 - As already stated above, wait for the refund to appear in your bank account. Since you have already requested a refund, and were told your request was approved then, in reality, you no longer own a license (even though it shows as “Owned” in the store). There may be a lag in the system before the refund makes its way to the Marketplace.

Once the money shows up in your account, and if the status doesn’t change, work with MS’ Marketplace folks to get that sorted.

In the meantime, I wouldn’t use the product since you officially returned it.


Either way, it’s a delicate matter, I’d say!

Hi Sartanius, thank you for the reply. As you said, I have sent an email to Asobo and Microsoft to see if they will re-enable the option to buy it again, the product is already uninstalled to make their work easier


Please keep us informed!


Here the response, so i have to check now the marketplace again

Support Team (Microsoft Flight Simulator)
May 30, 2023, 10:08 GMT+2

Hi Lauta,

Thank you for contacting Microsoft Flight Simulator Support today.

We have removed the entitlement of the aircraft you received a refund for. You can now purchase the item again if you want. Hope that helps.

Kind regards,
Microsoft Flight Simulator Support Team

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