C 172 g1000 vnav

I can’t get it to work. Have flight plan with waypoints and proc. Do just hit VNV or do you have to set it up in the MFD? Watched some videos that didn’t correspond.


You have to set a target altitude that is lower than your current altitude by at least about 100ft or so. I usually set the lowest altitude I want the VNV to take me to, for example, the FAF altitude when doing an approach. Also, with the current version of the G1000NXi, your next waypoint has to be at least the first waypoint for a procedure such as the IAF for an approach. My understanding is that currently VNV has not been implemented to take you from one cruise altitude down to another cruise altitude. And of course, VNV only works for descents, not climbs.

Since VNAV is only available on G1000 NXi (and not the stock version), and NXi is still in add-on mode, this was moved to #third-party-addon-discussion:tools-utilities

It might help if you posted what procedure you are trying to fly and perhaps some screen shots to show how you have the G1000 set up. As the previous reply said you have to lower the AP target altitude to at least that of the next Vnav target and press the vnav button so that vpath is displayed in white at the top of the PFD. Once you get closer to TOD the vpath magenta marker will begin to centre and once centred the white annunciation will change to green.

Great explanation, thank you very much. I was making the mistake of trying to use it for cruise altitudes, which is why I never got an indicator on the PFD.

Thanks again

It should work for any waypoint that has an altitude restriction in the flight plan. Some of these can be manually entered so if the waypoint doesn’t have an altitude against it in the flight plan try using the FMS knob to enter one.

Got it to work by following the rules, but I thought that editing waypoint altitudes was coming in a later release, does it work now in the WT G1000? I’ll give it a try.

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