C-172 Wants To Engage Parking Brake

As the title suggest, every time I disengaged the parking brake and roll for taxi, etc. if I back off the throttle of the C-172 it will roll to a stop then when I go to apply power again (even full) to get moving the parking brake is apparently engaged! I’ve got CH Products hardware and everything acts exactly as it should but for some reason at decreasing taxi speeds or rolling to a complete stop without touching the toe brakes at all - the parking brake automatically engages.

Visually, it does not show this, but I’ve noticed if I click on the parking brake to visually show it engaged then click it to disengage the plane then begins to roll normally. Either this is known or there’s something I’m overlooking here.

The other thing with this aircraft (haven’t flown anything else) is when I pause and go into the main menu then jump back to resume flight my power automatically goes into cutoff, killing the engine. I have to quickly move my CH throttle and mixture back and then forward again in order to keep it going. Thanks in advance!

Microsoft store version

Not running in dev mode no changes

Home built gaming rig i7-5930k, 128GB DDR4 and 1080ti

It sounds like there could be a button assignment issue that is engaging the parking brake.

Have you checked on button assignments in controls menu?

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Good point. Gonna go back through assignments again, particularly with my hardware assignments. Seeing how I couldn’t find anyone else with problem told me it’s got to be a “on my end only” issue. Gonna see if I’ve got dual assignments commands somewheres.

Thanks! I’ll post what I find out.

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Check every device completely. I have a GA autopilot panel that only has button functionality but every sim assigns some axes to it. I have to delete that stuff everywhere ^^

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It‘s off topic but may I ask why you put 128GB of RAM into your system??

Check that you don’t have anything set in the Assistance options, as it sounds like you might be being afflicted by an over-zealous co-pilot, putting on the parking brake when you don’t necessarily need it.

I do video and photo editing as well as gaming in this rig, some programs are memory hogs unfortunately.

The next one I build (hopefully fall of this year if the new nVidia 4xxx GPU’s are released) will be a strictly gaming rig with latest hardware and I’ll still keep my 8 year old one for running all my other programs. Thus, I’ll keep my memory lower in install but have the latest in hardware upgrade.

Yeah that’s one of the first menu items I ran to but didn’t see anything as it shouldn’t be. It also happens when I have the AI Pilot Assitance (or whatever it’s called) set to “OFF” as well. I think some where’s there’s a multiple binding connected to my CH throttle quadrant somewheres that when I pull back the throttle it’s also engaging the parking brake - somehow - somewhere - lol. Nobody else is complaining about it so it’s definately on my end.

Oh…appreciate all the help once again guys and or gals! One of the best forums ever. I’ll post what I find out and hopefully pin it as a solution!

I asked because that processor only supports 64GB RAM.

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In the OP, you say that the parking brake is “apparently engaged”. Can you see the in-cockpit parking brake handle is in the engaged position or could it be that the toe brakes are somehow being engaged, to give a similar symptom?

If the PB control is not in the engaged position, then that might give a clue as to what duplicate bindings to be looking for. For example, is one or both of your toe brake axes inverted, aka set so that the brakes are set to on when you aren’t pressing them?

Thanks to everyone who had inputs here!

I re-checked the obvious stuff once again - making sure the pilot AI was off, checking my brake settings in my peddles, etc. no change. Then I decided to go through the entire menu and clear out ANY inputs listed in ANY of my hardware devices including mouse and keyboard brake inputs.

Problem solved. Works like a charm once again. I’ll never know exactly which input was crossing up but I suspect one the of brake keyboard designations that was set at default was the culprit. Hopefully this may help someone else in the future in same situation.

Again, thanks!

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