C-208 AP question

Hi, Haven’t flown the Caravan lately and must have missed a step in set-up. I have a simple FP from departure to arrival airport, I set the CDI to GPS. And I set the saitek panel to NAV. But looking at the PFD the GPS is white rather than green, and the plane will not follow the AP. What did i miss to have the PFD GPS in green color?? Thanks!!

Did you press the AP button?

Sounds like you have Working Title’s G1000 NXi installed?
GPS in white means it’s ARM’ed. It you fly towards the magenta line, via HDG mode or manually - once you get within about 1 dot of CDI deflection, the AP will capture and go active (green).

From the changelog:

Heads Up!

  • GPS, LOC, and VOR modes now ARM! Be aware that you will need to be on an intercept course and within capture distance of the desired flight path before those modes will become active.
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Yes, sure did. On the saitek panel and checked on the PFD.

Hi, yes. I am using the G1000 mod. Didnt realize the ARMed mode. So will do a flight again later today, and thanks much for giving me the heads-up on that feature!!

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