C152X Realism Mod

We found an incompatible mod, please remove “Uwa Lighting Mod” for the C152 as it’s installed by default on the MSFS_C152 mod, this has caused multiple issues!
Remove that and they should all work normally!

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Something the Sim is not able to replicate is the sinking feeling in the seat of your pants when you hit the sweet spot on approach. Attitude level and slow to 54kts (this speed varies with weight). When you get to the correct speed with a level attitude you can feel the plane sink down.

Hold that to the threshold and once in ground effect as the plane slows and continues to sink pull back slightly to hold the nose off the ground/plane off the ground until the stall horn is heard. Then just hold that attitude until the mains touch and let the nose down slowly. Keep pulling the yoke back until you have slowed to taxi speed with brakes as necessary.

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Yup…it’s a fantastic feeling once you figure it out.

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I was so excited to install this. Really loved the dimmer switch for the cabin light, fuel consumption fix etc but I had to uninstall. Reason was my Com/Nav/ADF would not come on when I turned the battery on. I hope there is a fix for this coming! I really liked where this Mod was going :).

Also do you find the ADF Jumps around like crazy with the Vanilla 152? Like locks, then unlocks constantly?

Keep up the good work, will donate if I can get my Nav/Coms back and rock this mod!

You need to turn on the knob of Com, Nav and ADF :slight_smile:

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Sorry to hear that you uninstalled

On the Com/Nav panel, there’s a knob to the left, turn that clockwise to turn the stacks on, there 2 knobs in total!

Same with the ADF!

Also the official forum for the MSFS_C152 Mod is here!

Thank you!

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Oh yes of course. This is actually the editable in-sim registration, no the paint. There’s a line to change the font also, but I’ve tried a few times to get it to change without success so far.

The registration is simply in the aircraft.cfg file under your livery, and is simply the one the sim looks at to load. It remains fully editable.

Yeah the paint UV map is a nightmare. I used blender to view the model, and took a screenshot directly on the side. Then I modified it in photoshop to fit that screenshot of the aircraft. Then back to Blender to ‘stencil’ the theme on. Finally, I then tried to clean up the UV Map again once it had been applied.
Now I have the layout, I’m bumping it up to 8k and in the process of going over it all in ‘curves’ in photoshop to get those nice clean lines. Hopefully it will be ready soon!

This vid goes through how to stencil things on in Blender.

The most important thing when landing, from what I’ve learned instructing for over 7 years, is where you are looking during the landing roll. As you approach the threshold, you MUST look through the centreline to the trees at the end (red end lights at night). This applies from a C152 to the A320. Then with the lighter aircraft, try NOT to land (but not balloon up either). The Cessnas especially will squawk as they are touching down, the Pipers should be getting the electric stall warning starting to flicker on too. Quite important on the Baron and Bonanza as well as the Mooney, as they all have very short main gear compared to the nose wheel and it’s easy to wheelbarrow them in.

I tried changing this in my liveries aircraft.cfg file with no results.

atc_id_color = “3C3B6E” ; color for the tail number : i.e. “#ffff00ff
atc_id_font = “” ; font for the tail number

I am dumb so maybe I’m doing something wrong lol.

Actually that is in the PANEL config! Yeah strange, but it hooks in with the cockpit nameplate, not hte aircraft.cfg. So you’ll need to reference the panel in your layout.json and the aircraft.cfg

atc_id_font = “” - Just need to know what format they need within the “” for the Arial Rounded

Now for the registration default:
In the aircraft.cfg, if you change the atc_id = “xxx” then the sim will load that registration if the ATC_ID is blank in the world selection map.

You’re not dumb, it should work in the aircraft.cfg, but it doesn’t, it’s broken.

If you’d like to change the color of your Registration number, you need to add a Panel.xxx directory with a panel.cfg in it (copy the directory in the C-152 OneStore directory to your livery, you don’t need the panel.xml file, you can delete that from your livery panel.cfg directory. Then as @Parorng noted, under the Registration field, the small one controls your registration on the panel, the large one the registrations on the plane, and change the color there. I haven’t figured out how to get the font to change yet.

Don’t forget to add your new panel.cfg file to the layout.json for the livery.

You can check out my C-GMAP livery on Flightsim.to for an example.

This file is also how you can turn off the Registration from the outside of the plane, but still give it a Registration # for ATC.

Oh, also, you’ll want to compare the panel.cfg file (and your aircraft.cfg file) to the defaults with every upgrade, so you don’t override any changes they’ve made to the file (I haven’t seen any yet).

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I don’t understand… are there 2 different mods for the c152 or the C152 community mod is the new iteration of the C152X?

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The MSFS_C152 is a newer version of C152X
It was built off C152X and further enhanced!

If you want the latest support/updates then MSFS_C152 is for you!


In real life experience with a 152, you will hear it ANY TIME the plane is in a stall condition, whether on the ground or not:

  1. During training, when learning power off, power on, or accelerated stalls.

  2. During training, when practicing “slow flight” in preparation for learning how to land the plane. Note this it’s called a “stall warning” horn, not a “you HAVE stalled” horn. In my slow flight training, the instructor had me balance the plane so that the stall warning horn was continuous, but you didn’t stall the plane. It helps you understand that knife-edge point where you keep the plane a foot above the runway and keep slowly raising the nose until it quits flying.

  3. When correctly doing full stall landings – the way they teach you to land in pilot training – you should hear the stall warning horn for several seconds just before the wheels touch the ground.

So I agree with Cool except for one thing. I HAVE heard it while on the ground. I learned to fly in March in south Florida and the winds get very high and gusty, bouncing around and hitting the plane at all angles. More than a couple of times, a gust hit that was close to 40 knots while we were sitting there with no flaps, and the horn beeped at us a couple of times.

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Most 152 owners buy them because they are less expensive, and many 152s are owned or time-shared by flight schools. They usually don’t have autopilots or any extras, are take a LOT of abuse from student pilots.

The pants usually come on (pardon the pun) when you upgrade to a 172, and you also see extras like an autopilot and IFR instruments. Pants decrease drag / increase speed / reduce fuel consumption, and those are not usually concerns for trainer aircraft.

But this is sim world. To each his own.

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When I was doing my PPL training on 152s, as part of the pre-flight we used to check the stall warning by sucking on it (I know, yeuch), it works by having a low pressure at the front of the wing, that’s how it can sound sometimes on the ground due to squirrely strong winds.

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I know exactly what abuse they can take, I have well over 1000 hours in them. In Australia, they do generally keep the pants. Having the option can’t be a bad thing right?

Seeing the Carbon Cub and how they’ve modified that model, it seems like it is possible. I just need to get down and try to create some I guess.

How do you download this? I see a number of links on that git page but nothing that points to a zip for or anything.