C172 Autopilot


Can someone tell me the fix to cure Cessna 172 Autopilot Altitude being 800’ lower than the Altimeter.

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Are you on the Steam or G1000 version?

If on the Steam have you set the Baro on the AP unit as well as the Altimeter?

To work around the bug you can also just press “b” to sync everything in the cockpit with the back end.

I hope this helps.

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I assume you must be talking about the C172 Classic (Steam Gauges)?

Full answer will take pages to explain.
(ref Altimeter_indicator indexing documentation confusion )

Its been discussed on the Forum since MSS was 1st released. (Do a forum search)
It’s discussed on the Dev Forum, and reported to be fixed, but has not made it into the last 2 updates. ( version control. !!)

Simple work around, (with 2 wrongs making a right)

Hit The B key to set your Altimeters, and then your AP Altitude and Altimeter altitude will match.

Do not mess about Twiddling the Altimeter Knob manually , or waste your time setting the AP baro manually ) – wont work !!!

(but Transponder will be indicating Altitude, not the FL that it should.
– but who cares about such details-- it’s only a game :yum: )

Cheers Both.

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Exchange a tip.

Download from flightsim.to :- Angle of Attack Cessna 172. Send a coffee.

In file,

Enter the pilot, copilot, passengers and luggage weights so you don’t need to keep entering these on the aircraft page at the beginning of every session.

I have a 140lb lady copilot, no passengers, 20lb luggage and at the moment, I’m 181lb.
At tomorrow’s weigh-in, I hope to be 180lb :joy:

Move the startup sound file “Cleeeear…”

Bagolu has enhanced engine performance to 180hp. Put a bit more pitch on the prop. Increased tyre size for grass strips. Kudos.

The Live weather baro’ was 30.74in. 1040 hPa.

The AP value is stuck on 1013 hPa however much the displayed figure is changed. Which accounted for approx 800ft.

When the Live weather baro is close to 1013, the Altimeter and AP are close. I could live with that.

“B = Barometer sync”, :+1: :laughing:

As stated earlier, this is the Work Around Solution.

One day, Asobo will get it sorted AND included in a SU, but then, a lot of 3rd party Planes will need to be updated … Price one pays for getting it wrong in the 1st place, and not correcting it sooner.