C172 flight model

Hey, I know in the past there have been huge discussions about the flight model of default aircraft (twitchiness etc.) and I don’t want to start that again, but there are a few things I noticed about the C172S (which I think generally is not in a bad state at all):

  • There seems to be very little power output at low throttle settings, for once I need to advance the throttle (as compared to its full travel - flightsim hardware is different than real world hardware after all) quite a lot to get from idle to 1000RPM. In reality, in my experience it only takes a few millimeters/tiny bit. Additionally, at level ground and 1000RPM, without breaking the real C172 in my experience already wants to roll and even keeps slowly accellerating. In the sim, I need to add even more power for that to happen. On approach, I also seem to be needing a bit more throttle/RPM than in the real world, but it’s more subjective. I remember that this was different in the early stages of the sim, before the flight model was overhauled.

  • While before the overhaul it was hard to make the C172 spin at all if I remember correctly, I now get violent wing drops very easily even doing a power off stall in level flight. This is not my experience in the real aircraft at all.

  • The conversion KIAS → KCAS is not very accurate at approach speeds, this has been discussed here

I was just wondering if there are others who noticed the same things or if I’m alone with these observations. Cheers!

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Well I’m using a throttle quadrant and I dont have to push the throttle very far at all to get to 1000rpm, but to start to taxi I do have to advance the throttle then bring it back once rolling, and at 1000rpm’s it does accelerate slowly and I have to brake. Now, there are slight differences between the 172 models, I have noticed that the glass cockpit and the steam float versions have more sensative throttles that require less travel than the standard steam version which does require slightly more throttle input.

Yes to your second point.

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