C172 JT-A Mod (SU5, v0.1.2.1, Aug 7)

This a mod of the default C172 turning it into a C172 JT-A. The JT-A is also know as the Redbird or C172 TDI. The visual model is identical.


This C172 has the Continental CD155 155 HP engine. This is a turbocharged diesel engine controled by a FADEC, similar to the DA40TDI, but with 20 more ponies. The sound file is from the DA40NG.

The FADEC runs just like the DA40 and DA62 Mods. No need to control mixture and prop.

  1. Flightmodel
  • Faster cruise speeds at higher altitudes
  • Smoother less twitchy control compared to default
  • Improved Cl table and stall characteristics
  • Increased flap lift and drag
  • Tighter turn radius on the ground
  1. Compatible with the Working Title G1000 mod
  • Added systems and fuel page with funtional fuel totaliser
  • Correct Engine and Ammeter indication behaviour
  • CAS messages added for Engine, Failures and other systems.
  1. Systems
  • ECU run-up
  • Functional windshield defrost
  • Simulated fuel/gearbox temperature
  • Improved autopilot PIDs with correct lateral and vertical limitations
  1. Visuals
  • Improved External lighting (Uwajimaya’s mod)
  • Added white Navlight
  • Strobes behave like Quad Flash strobes
  • Unique livery included by @BilingualHarp7
  1. Other
  • Oil and fuel starvation when flying inverted.
  • Fuel totaliser can be reset using the ELT


Turn on:

  1. Turn on Battery master
  2. Turn on engine master to both (Magneto key)
  • Wait for glow indication to extinguish
  1. Start
  2. Aviontics, etc. as normal.

ECU test:

  1. Flick the 12v cabin power switch and let it run. The switch will rest itself

Isn’t the default C172 powered by IO-360-L2A with 160 hp?
EDIT: Ohhh I misread the post… you meant 20 ponies more than DA40tDi not default C172? My bet.

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Loving this update. Perhaps a subtle livery change to reflect the new aircraft type.


This weekend i have some time. I’ll work on the cockpit a little.

The Magneto switches will act as FADEC controls and the 12v switch will be the ECU test.

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Couldn’t work out how to turn it off after I had parked. Used Ctrl-Shift-E.

Yeah, none of the buttons have been remapped. atm

Found a brochure for the JT A. Surprisingly it only has a small badge to differentiate it from other Skyhawks but seems to have unique liveries.

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Performance numbers from a JT-A flight review. In MSFS I could only manage 116kts @ 5,000ft.
the JT–A climbed out at 80 to 85 knots. At 4,500 feet we started outperforming the 172S, and when we reached 5,500 feet there was no question who was going to cross the numbers first at Lancaster. At 100-percent power you can move right along at 132 knots true airspeed, burning 8.9 gallons per hour. Want to compromise a little? At 90-percent power, you’ll see 128 KTAS at 8.1 gph, and at 80 percent, you’ll still cruise at 124 KTAS while burning 7.1 gph. At 70-percent power, you can fly at 112 KTAS while burning just 5.7 gallons per hour.

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funny thing is that i made a little 172s mod for myself (i might release it). i fixed the cruise speeds and climb was close enough.

i threw this JT-A mod and the speeds are within 1 knot of the POH numbers.

either i have a perfect 172 model or luck.

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Might try this livery for the JT-A.


The finished product. Realised later that my original picture was of a Skylane not a Skyhawk, but I found a JT-A Skyhawk that used the same livery.


The mod is now open on Flightsim.to
link ontop

Great mod, left some questions on Flightsim.to, but for here, in rereading the details, where is the windshield defrost?

This was the plane I flew tonight when I finally got effectively zero visibility Live Weather down to 100’ AGL and a little over a tenth of a mile visibility. The handling saved me at threshold. I have a new go-to aircraft!

The 172 is not certified for CAT II approaches O_o.

The defrost is the cabin heat. On the bottom right of the instrument panel. Pull both out all the way. The engine needs to be warm however


Been flying the JT-A everywhere now. Wonderful.

Any chance for different liveries like the ones in the brochure? Or something without the Call for Demo graphics? :sunglasses: @BilingualHarp7?


I wanted the livery to be close to the real thing so the text remains. Compared to the real aircraft I did remove the german flag so that any regisatration could be used. There is some evidence that this is what Cessna themselves did with the actual aircraft. Cessna also had a nearly identical livery for the JT-A version of the Skylane.

As the JT-A uses the default C172 body, you are not limited to just the livery I created as any C172 livery can be used on the JT-A. After copying the C172 livery of choice to your community folder, just edit the aircraft.cfg in the livery subfolder and change the line
base_container = "..\Asobo_C172sp_AS1000"
base_container = "..\C172TDI"
Hey presto, the livery is now available on the JT-A.


what about the layout.json?

The layout.json only needs to be updated if you add or remove files from the livery structure. Modifying the contents of the aircraft.cfg has no impact on the layout.json.


Thank you both, I’ll give that a go!

Hi again @BilingualHarp7

I suspect I’m missing something else. When I loaded this burgandy livery with the modification to the aircraft.cfg, and entered the cockpit, I noticed the JTA specifc controls weren’t reflected or working.

For example, ignition positions are back to standard C172 G1000, the ECU test switch is back to the 12V, the custom engine panel isn’t reflecting any power lever inputs, etc.

Do I need to modify something else?