C172 JT-A Mod (SU6, v0.2, Oct 24)

Still had the Burgundy livery installed and was able to replicate the problem. MSFS contains fallback folder instructions for the livery to use when it can’t find a texture it needs. This is located in the livery’s texture.cfg file and should point to the parent aircraft. In the Burgundy livery it still points to the default 172, which was fine when they both had the same prop, but not now the prop is different.

So edit the texture.cfg of the Burgundy livery and change the 1st line from fallback.1=..\..\Asobo_C172sp_AS1000\texture to fallback.1=..\..\C172TDI\texture. This will point the MSFS to the correct location for any textures it needs to source from the main aircraft for this livery.

Gave it a quick go and this solved the problem.


Awesome, thank you again!

Am getting a HIGH AMPS warning in red whenever I move the flaps. Not sure why I am getting this message, but seems to only have appeared with version 0.1.2.

Hello, could anybody help me convert a livery, to use it with this mod?
I could send the livery by email


I had it (high amps) on 0.1.1. Not major, so I live with it. My issue with 0.1.2 is a gray disk where the prop should be…

please read and, yeah…

There are more than 3 people, for sure.


Found that if I press Increase/Decrease Cockpit View Height. It is all the way out of the aircraft.

Well, I’m about to become #4! 2 quick questions- Does this replace the G1000 172 in the sim, or is it a separate aircraft? 2- (And based on some photos I saw above, I think this question has been answered)… This mod/STC does exist in the real world, yes?

I have to join the others in thanking you, even if I wasn’t interested in this mod (though I am). you’ve done a lot for the overall simmer community and I think that’s worthy of respect.


Yes. For a short period of time in the 2010’s.

If you still want a brand new turbo diesel 172 you have to buy one then send it to Continental for conversion.

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I myself fly 2 172N CD-155 conversions.

last time i flew, it had 77hrs on the hobbs.

The mod is broken after SU5. Hope you can make 4 people happy again.
I cannot select the fuel in the new control introduced in SU5.

kk. i cant get to it till weekend

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Planes working today fine but the fuel shutoff is inop, I just use key to shut it down though.

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you are supposed to use the key to turn the plane off :confused:

The fuel selector seam to be a global problem with all the 172s

Well done asobo, well done

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Every plane I’ve ever been in you shut off fuel 1st.

this plane is not from the 60s


On the NXi front, no problems so far that I can tell - engine panel works.

Edited to add: Fuel Selector shows visual Right selected, but based on observations through the top Menu Fuel and Load app, it’s acting as if Both are selected.