C172 Rudders Recenter Inappropriately while Taxiing

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Sometimes after landing the C172 G1000, the rudders of the aircraft recenter when the rudder control is still deflecting the peddles. This causes turns to straighten out when you want to turn. Pilots must use differential braking to make turns successfully.

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See the video.

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I’ve experienced this for a while, but just today noticed how the rudder peddles in the cockpit recenter themselves.

I saw this happening a few weeks ago … I think the fix was to turn off Auto-Rudder, that had somehow got turned on (by mistake) , possibly with an update.

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Nvm, i watched the video. Strange indeed… sorry, have no idea.

I checked for that. I don’t have auto-rudder turned on. Anyway, it doesn’t happen during the whole trip. I taxied out for takeoff just fine. It wasn’t until taxiing back after landing that this happened.

Do you see that rudder moves from outside view or it´s properly centered? If it´s centered then check the airfield windshock because lateral winds can cause this effect (aircraft nose will naturally try to point to the wind direction). This is simulated in game indeed and you need to correct nose direction even during taxi, not only at the runway.