C172 Stall characteristics

First off, the release version of this simulator and the Default aircraft are pretty dang amazing. With that being said, I think many of us hardcore simmers have been spoiled with the likes of PMDG and A2A as well as others releasing very amazing aircraft that are as close to the real things as you can get.

I am getting tired of hearing people complain about how the default aircraft are junk and blah blah. The goal of Asobo was never to create a perfect aircraft. A2A and PMDG spend YEARS on each aircraft. Asobo spent YEARS working on the core of sim and providing airplanes to the beginners to get up and running, but allow third party developers to provide us with the high quality sims that we can choose to spend our money.

With all that being said, I do find that the C172, steam gauge cockpit tends to enter into a spin extremely easy. I did my flight training in both a c172 and a Da20 and it seemed that it was a lot harder to enter a spin if you kept that ball centered and your wings level with the rudder. I am curious if other people feel this way, or maybe if there is something with the sensitivity setup of my yoke and rudder that are causing me to apply exaggerated control inputs that could cause a real world AC to stall and spin.

Only thing that I would say is C152 (this is the only airframe I’ve used to date) doesn’t exhibit opposite yaw effect when standing on the rudder. If something as relatively basic as this isn’t modelled I do not hold too much hope for the flight model on the whole.

When you go back to FSX and fly that default 172, FS2020 is a whole new world better. Far from perfect. The fact I can even spin a 172 is amazing in FS2020. Default FSX won’t spin. I’m just wondering if the stall characteristic is actually like real life and I’m just used to FSX. But like I said, I have my license and fly 172s and never entered a spin