C208 Azul Conecta

I made these using the DHL livery as a base.

They are Azul Conecta (regional branch from Azul) and the Azul Cargo Conecta, the last one i couldn`t blank out the windows.

But down here are some photos from the real plane and the MSFS one.

I know that the rudder logo is off from the right, the Azul Conecta logo is higher than is suposed to be and the base of the wing strut is white and not blue, but I didn`t care that much for now.


I also made a pack with the DHL one because of the aircraft.cfg and the JSON here


Made the V2, download link

Same photos from V1, the problems were on the right side of the plane.
Also corrected the logo on the tail from the cargo, but didn`t had the time to take the print


Boa, baixei essa liveries mais não aparece a da AZUL CARGO, como que faz pra ver isso.