C208B Analog/Little NavMap/KNS-80 RNAV

Hi All,

Been loving this mod (both mods) but having some difficulty using the KNS-80 RNAV in that is not as accurate as expected. Let me explain:

I use Little NavMap and its “Measure Distance from Here” feature to determine how far and what bearing to move the VOR…but I always seem to be a mile or two off when I follow the HSI. I’m wondering, since LNM gives two bearings (because it uses great circle route), one for starting at the initial point, and a second for the bearing at the end point, if I’m using the right number. I’ve tried using both and even tried using the average but still always seem to be a mile or so off. I do use magnetic bearings.

Can anyone give me a better method, or help how I can determine a more accurate bearing and distance to input into the KNS-80 RNAV?



This is just an educated guess, but I believe RNAV distances are based on DME. DME measures distance on a slant angle. You can see this by flying over a VOR at about 6000 feet and see that you are still a mile away. Hope this helps.

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Thanks DStraka…but I don’t think slant distance applies as with the KNS-80 we are not moving a VOR station vertically but only horizontally. My concern is not DME readings…bit am I moving the station correctly on the ground based on the information I get from LNM>