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It was not working before the mod, I think. I don’t remember whether it was broken before the UK update though, as I had not flown the 208 in some time. You can adjust the heading bug using an external device, such as my SPAD connected Logitech multipanel.

But the HDG knob on the in-cockpit is non-functional. It does not even register as an interactable object.

@dgtlanlg I’ll be trying the new version out tonight. My understanding of this Asobo change is the underlying flight model, and that changes to flaps/drag have to be made to take advantage of these changes, as Asobo did for only two aircraft, by the looks of it.

I guess my question would be, have your changes been made to make the 208 fly like it did before the update, or to make it fly how it should with the underlying Asobo changes?

I hope that makes sense. :slight_smile:

it was definitely working before this last version of the mod I think, I have used it for sure.

oh wait, maybe I have been confused, i probably used the other second selector on the autopilot panel

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HDG knob did not work for me with version 2102.1b. HDG bug also does not work without this mod.

I also had the WT G1000 mod installed, so I removed that, but none of the HDG knobs work. I don’t know when this happened, and this is further complicated by the fact I have a lot of external hardware for interacting with these objects, and hardly touch the in-sim cockpit at all. It could have been broken before the December patch for all I know.

This post suggest the HDG knob issue has been around for quite some time:

The HDG knobs on the G1000 have never worked with or without the WT mod. The working HDG knob is the one on the AP panel which moves the Bug. The CRS knob on the MFD does work but only in VOR modes because there is no OBS function on the panel at present.


Totally agree

@AppliedPython94 The github is still up.

@hobanagerik I’ve made it functional with the new update, put it that way.


Thanks, looking forward to taking it out for a spin!

Caravan pilot here :slight_smile: I liked to keep my installation of FS2020 as clean as possible. But now with the broken flight model I’m ‘forced’ to look for alternatives. Reading the last posts I think I’m answering my own question but to be sure, does this mod fix the flight model?

I certainly hope so. I know you said you like to keep your install as clean as possible, but I highly recommend the Working Title mods as well. You just need the G1000, and G3000 ones installed, as well as copying over the G1000 0.34 fix, a single file, which has an additional entry to allow for turboprops. The G1000 is much nice to use with that mod. If you have the G1000 mod on its own it seems to break the synthetic vision, and the MFD map, with black screen instead of green, if you see what I mean.

I look forward to hearing about your experience with it.

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I’ve used the Mod since it’s inception and combined with the G1000 Mod and fix it is as near as you can get to the real C208B in both performance and systems. I tried the basic Asobo Caravan yesterday for the first time in 5 months and was horrified. So glad to get back to normality with the latest fix to the Mod.

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awesome job with the new update, great work, thank you!

any way we can “buy you coffee” or support you somehow?


Wow, thanks so much for the quick fix. I was worried my favorite plane was going to be unflyable for a month. Many many thanks to you!

I will buy your coffee too!

Thanks for the offer, I’ll keep it in mind, but it’s certainly enough that you’re enjoying the mod.


Hi everyone, I was just wondering if there is a mod already available to add floats to the caravan?

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I did a short flight from Land’s End and landed back on rwy 25. Certainly a better experience than the standard version. No problems with the Garmin screens and turns on the ground are a lot better, more realistic. I will make some extra flights this weekend in the UK.

Hi everyone, I’ve pushed another small patch which gets the flight model back to where it was before the update, or close to.

I know that Asobo have said that the new flap system has doubled the lift coef, but from my testing it’s not just a matter of halving the coef (although this is probably good enough for the default aircraft). During a climb the flaps seem to have an effect even when up, whereas before this wasn’t the case or it was less pronounced. The interaction between the induced drag scalars is also affected by the new system. So climb performance is a little more wacky than it already was. I’m hesitant to spend too much time with it since the next update is likely to change the mechanics again.


This update feels a lot better. The previous one I found most of the time I was hitting the ground a little harder than I expected. I don’t get that this with one.

Thanks for the great support !

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