C208B Grand Caravan EX Mods General

Is the Generator OFF issue still a thing, or is it fixed?

Blame on me:
Has the prop lever any impact? I can’t see any huge changes on RPM,…

Ages ago I downloaded the mod for this and was having a few issues with it… flew the Caravan for the first time in a long time…

I cant seem to be able to adjust the altitude on the autopilot, it just stays blue and dashed, also the route planning seems a bit fiddly… when scolling through to the approaches etc when pusing enter, it wont go into the options for the first few pushes but randomly works if you have been going in other menus. Is there an update or something I’m missing…
What screen/gps do you enter your flightplan into? The center screen or the pilot screen?

Assuming you’re using the G1000 NXi with the mod, sounds like you have a conflict going on. Try removing any liveries first, then try the mod without any other addons. All the things you say are not functioning should work fine providing there are no conflicting addons.

With the imminent release of SU10, how is your experience with this mod during the beta? Any problem?

This is my favorite mod and I’m concerned about the compatibility with the new SU and particularly with the NXi.

Ditto. How’s the mod with SU10? Does it still work?

Here it’s still working

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Yep, I’ve been flying more than two hours without problems. The weather radar is great! I love this mod.

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Please post a screenshot from the weather radar

Some wishes for the next update or mod:
Alerts as in the video: 1000ft (1:27) and Minimums (5:23)

Cessna C208 Caravan - visual approach - cockpit view with ATC! Full 4K! - YouTube

Still broken.

It’s been awhile since I’ve flown the Caravan but I’m using the branch devloped by @NewoPL and I haven’t encountered any issues. SU10 also fixed the bug with the FD not disengaging. One small thing I’ve noticed is that the TRQ needle flutters a lot–can’t remember if this behavior was in SU9. Anyways, this branch does resolve the GEN OFF annunciator too.