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It was reported here about six messages up. Are you in the beta? If so, that should confirm it is beta related and the mod needs to be updated, I would think, unless something changes before full release of the beta.

Update: reported as an SU12 Beta issue on Github page for this mod.

Addition: For the same issue but other aircraft, it was suggested that one look at “cockpit camera, translate cockpit view” (forward, backward, left, right) and increase/decrease cockpit view height". I tried it and it works, but only temporarily. As soon as Ctrl + Space is used to return to the “normal” cockpit view, the translation is lost and the pilot parts can be seen again.

By the way, is there anyway to mod the No Pod variant, to use the Condition Lever,…?

I’ve been using versions of this mod since it first came out, so I’m thrilled to see the experimental version seems to have solved the issues with the Black Square Caravan.

That said, I think the cruise performance might need another look, since the mod is now about 15-20kt slower in cruise than it should be. At maximum cruise power (ISA day, medium weight) at around 10,000ft the best I can get is about 160-65kt TAS, whereas the performance charts I’ve seen indicate the EX should be able to do about 180-85kt true (with the cargo pod) in that situation.

grand caravan EX is 867HP while other model were 675HP that may explain why the power is lower ?

The EX with the mod is the one that’s too slow. The 675hp Black Square (and the default FM) are both 15-20kt faster in cruise, but the climb performance seems correct.

Have added support for NewoPL’s community mod to my latest C208 livery. Just copy to your community folder and you will find the livery in the Default Caravan, the Blacksquare Analog Caravan (if you own it) and now NewoPL’s C208 Community mod. No livery modification required, and works with this mod right out of the box.

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I’ve just found another real world checklist for our C208 EX. This one not only seems FAA approved (as it’s claimed in the cover) but also is more “recent” (2013) than the well known 2012 POH:

I’ve just barely checked and saw that a couple of points from the 2012 poh have been corrected. For example, in this one, during the before engine start phase, it states to activate Avionics 1 BEFORE attempting the test switch check (Fire Detect and fuel select off). Something that was not correct in the 2012 version.

I hope it helps.


This is a pay site.

Nop. If you collaborate uploading pdfs you can download freely the uploaded content of other users.

£10.99 a month: it’s a pay site.

I have an account there and I’ve never paid anything.

alrighty, I just picked up this mod and I tried searching this thread but, I am looking through my pilots head, I really don’t enjoy looking at the back of my eyeballs at the moment (lol), is there a way to fix this?

Are you in the SU12 Beta? I reported this about a dozen posts previous (scroll up), but haven’t found an answer. Went back to the in-sim Caravan.

Do you have any visual cue / rule to set the separation with the runway on downwind with the Caravan? Following the classic rule of putting the wingtip over the edge of the rwy, I suspect I’m too close because I always ended up merging the base and final turn in only one tight turn.

Maybe there is a trick using the G1000 zoom level?

Hopefully NewoPL will be putting out a new version once SU12 is out on Tuesday. Back to using default C208b in the meantime, with all it’s inoperable switches. :disappointed:


Hi C208-flyers. Whenever my windshield is coverd with ice and I activate switch Primary High to norm, the icing is gone within miliseconds. I assume, that’s not real

I’ve been using the “airframe/window” button with the Primary set to either “norm” or “high”, depending on the extent of the icing. The effect is an immediate elimination of ice, which obviously is not real world behavior, but that’s OK with me.

But I’ll have to try just moving the Primary switch from " High" to “Low”. If that action alone eliminates ice, is ice always eliminated from the windows or from either airframe or windows, depending on which position was set last?

In either case, a real life Caravan pilot from Canada says in a Youtube video he made that the Caravan window is “anti-icing”, not “de-icing”. But the system he is showing is different than the one modeled.


I tried this tonight. It works exactly as you’ve described, but it should not work that way.

okay folks,
SU12 is arrived and our C208 has some glasses in front. Hope an Mod-Update will follow soon

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I noted this in the SU12 Beta and added an issue to the list on the Github website, so the Dev should be aware. I’m using the Default C208 for now.