C337H Skymaster II - out of control

Recently purchased the C337. But the aircraft is uncontrollable. If starting cold and dark or on the runway, everything seems fine, but on takeoff once the aircraft hits about 25kts, the acft tilts back and drags the tail along the runway.
Today I tried starting airborne and on starting the flight the acft is in an uncontrollable flat spin. No vertical speed, just spinning and falling. All systems appear to be working but nothing seems to slow the certain crash.
I’ve played around with fuel, weights and Centre of Gravity and everytime it either drags it’s tail or we fall to our deaths.
Any thoughts

The first thing I’d check out would be the flight model you are using. It should be “Modern” - if the “Legacy” fight model has been set it can often cause these sorts of problems with many aircraft

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