Cairo city is horrible at night

Cairo city at night is horrible all of the city is bright even the desert is bright this is very disappointing
As it’s shown in this photo the uper one is MFS2020 the lower one a real picture

The night time textures are temporary until they come up with a better solution. Before this fix came out, things were even worse.

Hopefully they don’t forget as they deal with all of their other issues. I really enjoy flying at night, but it needs a little bit more love from Asobo.

Ok, something’s going on here. I’ve attached a couple of screenshots I just took of a Cairo flyover. Lots of lights are turned on. Do you have any scenery mods/addons that might be causing a problem. My shots are pure MS2020 screenshots without any mods or addons.

The ugly night textures don’t really kick in until you’re over 10k ft, anything under that looks OK as you’ll still have individual light sources.

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It’s just a case of draw distance. Night lighting close (low level or on approach for example) is pretty good now, but get a few km/thousand feet up or away and as if by magic … nasty brown glowing textures.

It has been getting (very gradually) better. Transition is better than it was and the variation has been improved. Still more to go. I hope.

I think one thing to try is to create a manual cache of the area. Start with the widest part that you can paint in Low-detail, then zoom in to create the medium detail, and zoom in some more for the high level detail.

Usually when I do that for my area, it comes to live with lots of buildings, and lightings at night. And make sure you turn on Data, Bing, and photogrammetry settings.