Calibration / sensitivity Mad Catz V1

I have a Mad Cazer V1 sidstick And unfortunately I can’t adjust it to the simulator.

for some reason even before I reach the end of the axis, the simulator interprets the command as if I were already at the end, and turns the aircraft over, in no other simulator I had a similar problem.

from what I realized this simulator is not very well optimized for sid stiks were from the lita feidpelo game, but for yoke, I realize that on Xplane or fsx they can compensate for this difference by adding a small delay controls on the axis, however Flight 2020 failed to do the same, this made it impossible to fly smaller aircraft.

does anyone of you have the same stick? did you find any way to solve this problem?

I’ve just had the latest update which has new control parameters which in turn has made my GA aircraft unflyable no matter what adjustments I make,The long EZ is particularly badly affected…

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The only aircraft I can fly is the a320 due to the protection envelope, other than that, since all are very aggressive and sensitive.
they should use the old fsx calibration system because nobody has ever had a problem with it. I bought the most expensive version because of the cesna longitude and now I can’t fly, and I’m not going to invest in a new sidstick because mine works perfectly well in other simulators. they urgently need to optimize the platform for this axis type.

Having an unsupported stick (sidewinder force feedback II) I tried a reset to default settings and ended up with nothing even though I saved my original profile.It seems as though every new update makes things worse rather than better…

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My Mad Catz v1 is unusable with FS 2020. It does not return to neutral when I finish applying a command

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