California Fly-in

Hello. I am considering starting a weekly multiplayer fly in for Southern California which is where I like to fly. Using Discord to communicate, real time weather (when real weather starts to work). For now we could join as a group in-game with the same game time and weather so we all see the same clouds and visibility. My thought is to keep it small something like 10-15 players and follow as close to real world navigation as possible. Meaning no flying into each other keeping proper spacing in the air and ground.

My ID is JGMDubs24 if you want to add me as a friend in game or add your gamer tag below and I will add you as a friend in-game.

Just gauging interest to see if anyone would be interested in exploring some of those airports and getting together once a week to do something like that. I live in Cali and have flown out of several of them and visited many more so I am familiar with the locations.