Call for a Clean up! Pls prevent spamming of Marketplace and reorganize Aircraft Selection List


  • Limit possible weekly publication per developer to avoid spamming

  • Reorganize the Aircraft selection list for easier selection (Type->Aircraft->Variants)
    or leap forward to a grapical interface with an extension of the existing “hangar”

  • Regular clean ups of marketplace - weed out Item’s that are lacking interest or get ratings well below average… buying low quality items equals bad user experience!

Details? Here you go:

As more and more developers contribute to the Marketplace :+1::blush: maybe it would be worth considering to limit the max. possible weekly publications to a reasonable amount. Since last weeks marketplace update one developer spammed the marketplace with 12 (!) very specific light mods, some other developers have similar “productive” outputs. It’s just annoying to look at this walls of similar products and you easily overlook single items further down the list which is unfair for other developers (think of the importance of visibility in amazon listings)
Maybe 2 or 3 new item’s would be enough screen space for each dev (possibly every week if the developer is able to produce high quality addons at this pace :wink:)

Similar thing with the owned aircrafts within the Aircraft selection list, as time goes on it get’s more and more overloaded with variants…
Please change the mode to one aircraft → one icon, add selection boxes or small icons for the variants (standard/glass/ski/tundra tires/water) below that icon. Allow developers/mods to have access to additional icons (under the main aircraft) to get their mods in without the need for another main icon. Clicking on an item of course selects the related variant, clicking on the main icon opens the basic version.
As an alternative think of submenus opening up, when clicking on the main icon on a new selection page displaying big icons of all variants, to have a better look at and get more information/specs of each variant.

EDIT: Just got an inspiration at the forum, someone suggested the utilitisation of the visual hangar as an virtual aircraft list. Don’t select your aircraft of the flight by choosing from a list. Just go to your virtual (big) hangar and stroll in 3d between your owned aircrafts! Of course to keep it clean only the standard variants, yet what a great experience this could be in VR and on screen!

If this cleaned list (or the virtual display) would be arranged by default to it’s category (Prop/Turboprop/Jet/Rotor/Others) it would improve the experience even further and makes it easier to find a specific aircraft.

You could argue that we already have filters in the marketplace or the aircraft selector, yet it would be great to not always have to clean up a room before you use it!

Over time some garbage offerings will accumulate, that either no one wants at the first place or the rating leads over time to the conclusion that the offering has quality issues of some kind. Here it would be great if not anything would stay forever in the marketplace. Minimum sales per month or minimum standards for ratings would be possible criterias that let people passively vote out item’s they don’t want.
Pls take out the garbage can regularly!

This quality standards could imo contribute to a better experience of the simulation.

THX for considering… :blue_heart:

Yes those lighting sceneries are annoying and at 9.99 seem wop!!!


Charging 10 bucks i think we could expect a certain amount of passion and work put into an offering. Compared to some amazing airports around that price point, so much hours of work with blender… placing insteads some hundred light sources and charging the same amount… seriously?
Maybe i am wrong but judging from the pictures alone i can’t see that effort here, and i have to admit that i really don’t like these popping colours/oversaturation in the sim at all, everything looks unnatural and simply weird… but my argument isn’t coming after an individual developer, it’s more about equal visibility for developers. At simmarket e.g. you can see even worse examples, more devs that having an unrealistical high output to even consider it being high quality.

IMO night lighting is a core function of the sim and as that i would be careful as any addon that “improves” core functions could be worthless over time as possibly the sim itself over time change for the better or changing technical procedures that are making the addon useless.

Yet it’s the community that should decide what it likes. With buying/rejecting and rating! :blue_heart:

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Maybe a possibility to mark your prefered aircraft with a “favorite” marking, and put those first in the list would be easy to implement?

You are already able to mark your favourites with a heart symbol on the product page and view them in a seperate list.

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I was just thinking the other day my “hangar” looked like an absolute mess!