Calling `CreateParkedATCAircraft` most of the time results in an "AI Container" exception message

While testing CsSimConnectUI on MSFS, I noticed that most AI aircraft I try to create will result in an ObjectId being assigned, but then quickly disappear again (ObjectRemoved) while an “AI Container” exception message is sent referring to the original SendId of the CreateParkedATCAircraft call.

Anyone know what is happening here?

Maybe related: the aircraft actually created is likely to be a “Default something or other” instead of the requested aircraft. For example, if I create a DA42, the AI object created is actually a default single-piston model.

Airport? Modelß Have you checked that the parking spaces are actual valid for the type of aircraft?

I am using the same method without any major problems so far (expect the issue with the airports).

Hmmm… I’ll try with a larger airport.

Send me a list of titles and airports, then I will check on my system

EHGG, airliners. Note: Until last month the closed runway was filled with parked 737s, but I think they have had Airbus 330s on parkings. Mothballed, but it shows the parking is big enough. I tried some A320 NEOs from the default set, but they failed.

Some GA worked, although e.g. the DA42 was replaced with a generic single piston. Prepar3D just placed an exact match for what I requested.

I will check the airport data tomorrow and report back

had quick look at EGHH:

Maxmium parking radius 12m (6 ramps) - so I guess the biggest MSFS Aircraft that can park there atm is the Longitude. The A32N would require 18m (default Gate_small size).
→ This is a problem accross all airports within the Sim (I have reported this already directly to MS/ASOBO) incl. the impact on AI traffic.

regarding spawning: I will run some tests on my end with default AC (have you checked if they are marked as ai traffic in the fltsim?)

Ok, found the reason for the substitution: It’s an option in the settings, which by default is set to “ON”. The reasoning is that the substituted models are more CPU-friendly.

ok perfect.