Calling for Thalixte

Thalixte is a scenery creator in “” which makes the best photogrammetry addons.
I have downloaded everything that he has made so far
If he sees this,can i please ask him to make some cities and islands for Greece which has no photogrammetry ?
Payware or freeware doesn’t matter.
Cheers :clinking_glasses:


The wishlist is on that website. It’s a bit rum to clog up this forum, not to say cheeky.


Absolutely agreed.

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Hi ! It would be a pleasure, as i already made Thessaloniki. But i have a big backlog, and currently my priority is to update my existing addons. However, i can make some new ones when i find the time:

You also have to know that the future LOD management modifications made by MS/Asobo will also require me to update all of my sceneries in the next monthes.


oh my God,you’re here :ok_hand::clinking_glasses:
i’m the guy who told you about the file path for MS Store edition :wink::yum:
I totally forgot that it’s you who made Thessaloniki !!!
Cheers then and hope for the best for your work.i have everything you have created