Just last night i realised, that ATC is no longer adressing me by my Callsign but with my Tailnumber instead.
It worked just fine earlier, but now I am “Airbus Whiskey India November Echo Delta” instead of “Union 1” like it was before.

Anyone else experience this change?

I am on Windows Text-to-speech, use the FBW A320 and filed an IFR flightplan.
Was searching the forum but looks like I am the only one, so not sure if on my side and asking forf your input here…

i also have the same problem,i cant seem to find anywhere in the menu to change it back

I guess the problem is the FBW mod.
There is already a bug filed in the flybywire github:

[BUG] Callsign and flight number not used during ATC communication #1795

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Ah, alright.
This must be it then.
Thank you!

Same behavior here. I’m pretty happy with the last patch. That last 200 feet to the runway is like butter for me now.