Callsigns of other players?

Hello, is it possible to hear the ATC say the call signs of other people?
I hear KLM, Transavia, Veuling, Etc etc.
That’s cool and all but when I played with a friend, I never heard the ATC call out their call sign even when he was in front of me on the runway getting ready to take off.

Just curious if that’s even a thing or not.
Love the game so far!

Not sure that ATC works when not in live player mode?

I was in Live I think with my friend who joined my group.
I’m still new so i’m sorry if I might be a little bit ignorant :smile:

Not to worry, we are all learning this together.

I’ve not played much in multiplayer, I’ve only done a friends only flight with one other person, so not sure how it all works quite yet

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