Calm down GPU!

Hey guys! I’m using the RTX 3090 on my MSFS. What really bothers me is that even on a longhaul flight the GPU is firing on what feels like 100% all the time. Inside the flightdeck the value is about 70%, outside view around 90%. So far, so good. What I really liked about FSX (the simulator I used before) was, that wenn minimizing the simulator e.g. by clicking on the far right button to get to desktop and put each running programm to the background, the GPU spooled down (clearly audible) and could relax as long as I kept out FSX. I know it’s a whole different story about MSFS, but is there anyone of you who can tell me, if I can do it the same way (especially on longhaul flights I don’t need the GPU to create all scenery all the time)?

I hope you understand my problem. It’s not a real big problem, but it keeps annoying me :smiley:


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I just finished a LH in MSFS (RJAA-EGLL in B748) and for the first time, FPS didn’t tank to 13fps, it was a great flight!

I run a 1080ti and use RivaTuner Statistics server to limit 30FPS - GPU load was 50-60% for most of the flight. But when using external view at FL390 it would get to ~90% (seems to depend on the cloud layers as over London external view at 4000ft was 70%) There is a bug for some people (including me) where flying through high level cloud causes 99% gpu usage in internal view.

Perhaps try internal FPS limit or an external one like RTSS I used and see if it helps?

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I never thought that limiting the FPS would help so much. The good thing is that one can reduce max FPS inflight and change back just before landing. That’s awesome especially for longhaul. I could reduce it to 45% usage of GPU. Thanks.

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