Camera keeps resetting in cockpit view when using trackir pause

I use trackir and sometimes I use the trackir pause button so i can turn knobs with the mousewheel without the camera moving. However, whenever i pause trackir, the camera/view keeps resetting to default position after a few seconds, which is really annoying. Is there any way to prevent this?


My viewport start spinning out of control even without trackir.

Same here. How can we input something if the panel continues to be moved?
How to read a flight plan or try to change a waypoint?

This annoys me too. I’ve submitted a request at ZenDesk:

Request #39343 TrackIR views keeps resetting

Hope the devs will look at it.

I have this same issue! Still haven’t found a solution for this. Hope it can be resolved soon.

Yep, after you have paused for something like 10 seconds, the sim is assuming you are not using trackir anymore, and is kicking you back to default view. I really need pause to work so I don’t have to keep my head perfectly still to click things in the cockpit. I’ll submit a request also.

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Same here.

This has been a known bug for a while. But you can see my other posts in similar threads on how to create a locked tracking profile and switch beteeen them. This does not fix the tracker disconnect if there’s no trackir sensor detection for a period of time.

Try this:

[Workaround]– If you still have a problem with TrackIR pause functionality trythis solution. Create a new profile in TrackIR and disable all axis inmotion adjustments in this “pause only” profile. Then assign newHotKey for that profile in the HotKeys Actions area and enable it. Assigndifferent Hotkey for your normal working profile. Make sure yourhotkeys don’t conflict with FS2020 hotkey assignments. Now whenflying and you need to pause trackIR to adjust radios, FMS, etc.switch to “pause only” profile and back to regular profile whendone. The only issue is that the centering may be different when youswitch back so you may need to recenter trackIR if you move your headsignificantly after pausing trackIR and before unpausing with the profiles switch.

Credits: @MetCurmudgeon0

If you setup your TrackIr correctly and use Precision you wont have to pause it!

I tried this, but I still find it difficult to control knobs and dials in precision mode. Must be me. The motionless TrackIR trick works me though. Currently I have a smooth, freeze and precision all mapped to my HOTAS. Why choose, right? Still hoping they will fix it, or make the behavior optional.

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