Camera Modes Assistance

I would like to create some “cinemas” like I’ve created before in MSFS-X/P3D – MyCinemas. In having to learn MSFS all over again, and at age 79, I’m having trouble operating the multitude of cameras/views in MSFS-2020. I’ve watched a plethora of videos, read/studied keyboard commands, articles, etc., programmed my controllers, and more. Yet when I get into actually using COCKPIT/DRONE/EXTERNAL/FIXED cameras the results are completely inconsistent results! For one thing, the plane is uncontrollably in some modes (why). I have an Xbox controller programmed to look/move around, but it never reacts the same way when I choose camera modes. One video I watched the creator actually did a real fly-by (fixed/not-follow?). Anyway, my question is this – Is there a good video/tutorial that explains the 4 camera modes, how they are different, and how they should be used when creating cinemas? Thanks for whatever assistance you can provide! :grinning:
P.S. For some reason the menu thingy that drops down at the top so you can set things (what’s that called?) keeps disappearing and I don’t know why. If I have saved a flight I am using to test and learn, when I load it again later, that menu thingy is gone.

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