Camera offset in VR

When I start VR my view switches from behind the yoke to like left next the landing gear. When I press “Escape” to open the Menu, it pops up in the windshield. So I have to look up to the right to see the menu. I dont know how to get my VR view behind the yoke.

Any help please?

Did you try pressing [Spacebar] to re-center your view?

Are you using Oculus rift? If so make sure you have the Oculus beta downloaded. Once you’ve done that, go back in the sim and start a flight. Reset your view with you’re controller and then press space bar.


Same, apart from Im to the right of the plane when it switches, I position myself in cockpit with arrow keys, but then when I press escape for the menu, menu is to my left and got to stretch to properly see it.

Thank you! Downloading the Oculus Beta solved the problem. I’ve just had a one hour flight and it was amazing.

Hi all. Just downloaded the latest patch for MS2020. Tried out the VR function on my rift, but I too am having issues with it. How do i enable the beta function that you speak of? Many thanks!

Public test beta solved for me too thanks. Flymort78 you need to go to your oculus software, then settings, then click beta, and opt in to the public test channel.

Thanks Dean. I just downloaded it and will try again now. Many thanks mate!!

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