Camera shake during take off rolling / landing

Are there any perspectives to make camera shake in the cockpit running on the runway during take off or landing? In reality the runways are usually bumpy etc, and during take off the airplane is shaking (vibrating) which is missing in MSF2020… Airplanes just running smoothly like on the perfect surface or railways… The camera shake effect would bring much more real feelings and emotions into the sim.
This moment is very crucial but somehow it is being low on votes. If the developers pursue the idea of making the sim as real as possible, this issue must be fixed.
The grass airfields have that nice shake, but all the taxi rolls on asphalt are smooth like butter… But there should be any kind of shake exist because the taxiways, runways have cracks, lights which cause the shake. Just watch any video during taxi or even take off/landing roll, how the pilots are jumping on their seats during the roll… Please, be so kind and implement the shake and get more points to your karma.

I totally agree

Buy a motion platform. I have.

Would be a nice feature for sure. Right now I sometimes wonder whether I even landed yet.


Please, vote for this one, guys! There is a lack of camera shake in the cockpit during taxi, landing or take off indeed.

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I would like to see that. Voted

Me too. Voted.

I’m all for it. There needs to be a vibration for rolling down the runway, which would then subside once you lift off. Landings all seem the same right now, but good effects code will make each landing unique to where you can grade your landing skills.

It is nicely done in XPreality plugin for Xplane. But at least ground rolling vibration would be excellent to have… So, we need to gather about 150 votes in order the wish to appear in the rating and Asobo could take it into consideration


Even with enough votes, it’s still not guaranteed Asobo will implement it any time soon.

The best chance of it happening is when the SDK provides the needed support for a camera plugin.

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Is there a way to have the shaking head movement during takeoff, landings and turbulence ?.. It would be amazing!!.. Something like ezdok camara in fsx


agree, the movement at take-off is very static when its compared with a real flight side by side

If I am not mistaken the planes was much livelier at launch last year. However over zealous fly on rails fanatics persuaded Asobo to abandon all that and now we are rather subdued planes…apart from standing on the ground with engines on where there are movement. The pitching and rolling from last year might also have been lost in tweaks in the flight model.

if we had more votes, then it would have some more chances to get to ASOBO’s table for consideration…

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Totally agree! really needed!!

Here is my suggestion for a workaround considering what we can configure at the moment. Requires modding the headshake params and the aircraft suspension params:

Asobo pls!

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we need some camera shake like this sample, coz this video was edited.


any kind of camera shake during taxi roll and taking off will bring much realism…

Now that would be great, that movement really adds to the immersive feel