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Gday mates.
What is the zoom in % that is the actual 1:1. The 50% default zoom external gives a slight fisheye perspective that tells me it is not the 1:1.

Is there a way to increase or decrease the camera distance on external view without touching the zoom level?

was hoping they would have a look at the camera addons for fsx and p3d like “chase view” or “ez dok” . The drone camera function in msfs is great and I can move around and save camera positions inside cockpit and that is great but I cant figure out how to move around in external view and save positions.

Thanks for help.

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No calculator for this yet i guess. Monitor size and distance to monitor are important factors if you want things to appear as big/small as they are in the real world. If you want the instruments to appear realistically sized you have to adjust the seat forward which can be done in the camera.cfg for each aircraft or with a custom save but you will have to sacrifice your field of view. Sitting close to a 50"+ monitor/TV almost covers your FOV horizontally and delivers a good result whereas sitting in front of a 17" screen with realistic size settings only shows a tiny fraction of the world/cockpit. So it’s always a compromise between realistic sizes and FOV in games. I use a 30" screen and zoom 65 and most cockpits have their viewpoints moved forward and up bit.

I agree, we still don’t have distance-based zoom in this game after almost 2 years! Why on earth would a fov zoom camera be the default, I can’t comprehend…

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