Can anybody tell me, why its not possible for me to start engine 1 on the A320. Not by hardware and not by clicking

it’s not specific to the TCA quadrant, the “toggle” commands have weird behavhiour ( same happen with toggle spoiler which only retract the spoiler or does nother, tried to use it on xbox controller on the xbox version and … nope )

I think it’s just the way the sim receives inputs from the hardware now. It looks like the sim takes all hardware inputs and position simultaneously. And it’s not just about toggle really. Coming back to the first post where there’s an issue with starting engine 1.

If you have a TCA quadrant with commands bound to the engine start, the position of the hardware itself takes into account. We know the default Toggle binding caused the issue in the TCA quadrant being able to start the engine, but using the mouse doesn’t seem to do anything because it’s also taking the position of the Quadrant switches at the same time too, and if the issue with the switches is preventing the engines to be start, then mouse clicks won’t make it work too.

I guess one way to test to be sure is that by resetting profiles for any other hardware connected into a blank profile, so the sim is not receiving any inputs coming from those hardware, then try to use the mouse to click the engine switches.

Eventually, we all need to review all our control bindings. Make sure you don’t have multiple keys/switches coming either from the same or separate hardware bound to the same command. Like, don’t put your joystick button to Start Engine, while also having the keyboard CTRL+E to start the engine as well. Either you bind it to use the joystick button, or you bind it to the CTRL+E, either way, one command needs to be removed.

Only one thing we can know, when we turn on ENG1 on the joystick, the command of ENG1 will turn off.
So, I went to the settings page and deleted the ENG1 settings.
Using the mouse to operate the cockpit switches, the ENG 1 can return to normal work.
Finally, before entering the flight, remember to turn off the start switch on your joystick, it will affect the switch control.

Same thing for me, but i start the flight on short runway or begining of runway i can do a flight because the game set the aircraft with engine running and i loose the fun of cold start but like this you can flight until they found a patch.

Gracias Neo4316, he seguido tus instrucciones y he reparado el poder actuar sobre las teclas clikables de la cabina del A320.

Entra en CONTROLES TCA THROTTLE, busca INSTRUMENTOS Y SISTEMAS y luego COMBUSTIBLE… busca “AJUSTAR VALVULA DE COMBUSTIBLE DE MOTOR 2 y luego DE MOTOR 1” y bórrale la asignación que tenga. luego buscas “ENCENDER/APAGAR VALVULA DE COMBUSTIBLE DE MOTOR 2 y luego EL 1” y bórrale la asignación que tengan. después de esto te funcionará e motor 1 perfectamente. En tu Joystick Throttle, los botones 3 y 4 que manejan los motores habrán dejado de funcionar, debes poner en controles, que el avión aparezca con los motores encendidos a aparecer en la pista del aeropuerto.

Same here, after updating to SU5, I lost throttle #1 in all aircraft and all throttle power in all single engine aircraft. Oddly, the only aircraft that was spared from this was the last aircraft I flew before updating to SU5. It was the B-747.

As far as throttle #1, I also see the throttle in the cockpit advance, but the power doesn’t spool up. When I go to the the Controls section, everything also appears normal and all my Profiles are there and when I test them, they all work perfectly. I do notice, however, that in the B-787, the fuel cutoff switch is in the OFF position, as well as the start switch in the Overhead panel is stuck on ‘Start’ instead on ‘Normal’ for engine 1. No matter what I do, I cannot get it started. It doesn’t matter if I do a cold & dark start, or if I start on the runway. Ctrl + E does not solve the problem for me either. And finally, using the mouse to move the switched also doesn’t help either.

And please note that this is happening with all my throttle quadrants, not just the TCA. Also my Bravo & my PFC.

I really hope that this addressed in SU5 Hotfix2 because, now, the sim is basically useless, unless you want to use only the B-747-8.

Gear lever does not work for me with the ‘up’ and ‘down’ binds on the button. Nor does it in any other aircraft. Has anyone else come across this?

Check to make sure your other hardware isn’t bound to anything to do with gear.

Already triple checked!

I had the same problem with engine 1 and I found something working for me. Please try and check

REMOVE the below:

  • “Toggle Engine 2 Fuel Valve” Set to Joystick Button 4
  • “Toggle Engine 1 Fuel Valve” Set to Joystick Button 3

KEEP the below:

  • “Set Engine 2 Fuel Valve” Set to Joystick Button 4
  • “Set Engine 1 Fuel Valve” Set to Joystick Button 3

Hope it helps

I have this problem December 2021 , engine 1 won’t toggle on . Stock A320 or A320NX or other planes

Might have nothing to do with your problem but as a began to use FBWA320 i thought i had the same problem.
Turns out i was doing it wrong.
I was turning the knob between the start lever to the right to start engine 2 and to the left to start engine 1.
Turns out it was a big mistake as left position on this knob is crank (which is not used for engine starting).
The Knob should stay turned to the right for both engines and set back to middle position after both engine started successfully or shortly after 10000ft