Can anyone help me with Pimax 8K X stutters please?

Hey guys,

Here is my setup and settings for MSFS using the PIMAX 8KX and RTX4090ā€¦
my system is
Intel i9-13900KF at 5.5mhz
64 GB of 4800mhz RAM Gskill Ripjaws
NVME drive dedicated to MSFS Samsung 980 EVO Plus
Pimax 8KX using Pimax Client
FOV Normal PP on
DLSS set to Quality
CAS in OXRTK and smoothing to 100%

here is the forum post showing my settings in MSFS and Pimax

It is not stutter free, but so little that it is almost unnoticeable and FPS runs about 35-40 with scattered clouds not real weather

Hope this helps some.