Can anyone who purchased the Standard edition post the upgrade prices?

If you have purchased (not Game Pass) the Standard edition only, can you post the upgrade prices (USD) to the 3 bundles in the sim marketplace?


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I’d be interested in the same.

80€ for deluxe and, 100 for premium. ridiculous.


@TheJon182 Thanks. And how much was it if you purchased those editions directly?

$59, $89 and $129 as I recall

$119 USD for Premium. Microsoft already warned us the price for upgrading to a higher edition would be a lot more than just purchasing the edition itself.

The premium deluxe upgrade (i.e all 10 planes and all airports) is $85 USD – not sure about other prices posted in this thread… I bought it yesterday in US region and it was definitely $85 ($84.99 technically).

Whereas buying the deluxe premium version of the game would have been $120, or $60 over the standard edition.

So basically it’s a $25 markup to buy it separately, which is honestly pretty steep. I have a game pass sub locked in for more than the next year, so I went ahead and bought the upgrade, but it’s not a wonderful value and I wish they had priced it more reasonably.

It feels like it’s mostly intended to get the most value out of game pass users. If you are buying the game without gamepass you should just get the premium deluxe version.

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Yes, I am seeing the same prices. I have game pass. I was wondering if it was showing differently for people who do not have a game pass sub.

I purchased standard at 80 CAD. I should be able to upgrade to next level for 40 more CAD. The sim requests from me 105 CAD to upgrade !!! This is ridiculous.


Yeah same here, it is BS. I have requested a refund so that I can order again, what a joke.


Well to be fair, they have said that it would cost more to upgrade to Premium Deluxe than buying the Premium Deluxe version.

Yes, more. But without details.
And by more, I don’t expect 2.5x more. It’s a joke.
I was lucky to be refunded by Steam.

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Why would it cost more to upgrade? lol. they should just ask the price difference, so if you paid for the deluxe, fork out the diference between the edition price. Microsoft has weird logic.

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Yeah, that’s a great way to lose some sales too. I would not be surprised if they will lower those prices over time.

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Is it possible to upgrade a BOXED Standard edition to Premium Deluxe on line.